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Travan TR-4 Technology

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Desktop storage capacity requirements continue to increase dramatically. Most new computer systems have at least 1 Gbyte of disc space. Even the smallest workgroup server will have multigigabyte capacity. Several vendors have announced 4 to 8 Gbyte SCSI and ATAPI (enhanced IDE) drives, specifically targeted at desktop systems. This push for more capacity has been driven by several factors, including the increasing size of operating systems and applications and the falling cost per Mbyte of data storage products. The result is that the need for fast, accurate, easy-to-use, reliable and affordable backup is increasing.

To meet this need, Seagate developed and introduced the TR-4 minicartridge tape drive, the CTT8000 (OEM) and TapeStor 8000 (retail), with a native capacity of 4 Gbytes and a compressed data capacity of up to 8 Gbytes. The drives are read-compatible with most QIC (quarter-inch-cartridge) standards back to QIC-80 (250 Mbytes). The CTT8000 and TapeStor 8000 are available with software for a number of operating system formats, both desktop and network. Performance is unequaled in this market, with up to 30 Mbytes per minute in native mode and up to 60 Mbytes per minute in compressed mode. Seagate's FastSense technology enables the drive to provide the best performance in any configuration by matching system speed to that of the drive. The drives come in a choice of interface, either SCSI or ATAPI. Designed for years of trouble-free operation, each of these drives has industry-leading reliability, with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) rate of 200,000 hours.

These drives provide a better price/performance point than any other tape technology, including DAT, DC6000 or 8mm technologies. In addition, the drive is packaged in a 3.5- by 1-inch form factor, so that it will fit in any standard drive bay.

Targeted at the high-end desktop and small server markets, these drives provide an excellent solution for end users who have previously used any QIC cartridge drives, and an ideal replacement for outdated DC6000 systems. With extreme versatility, a powerful feature set, ease of use and unequaled reliability, the CTT8000 TR-4 and TapeStor 8000 represent the industry's most exciting new products.

Desktop systems are getting more powerful. Today's 32-bit operating systems and graphical environments are enabling new applications and new ways of handling standard applications that take the user to new heights. Internet and network connections provide more data and raw material with which to work. At the same time, these connections, operating systems and applications demand more system resources at all levels.

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