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Under a Killing Moon

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Enter the virtual world of Under a Killing Moon in December 2042 where you, as Tex Murphy, must stop the forces of evil before they destroy mankind and rob you of your next unemployment check.

This interactive movie allows you to explore every square inch of your 3-D environment. Crawl under desks, open drawers, and scrutinize every stain on the floor as you unravel the mystery that consumes you.

The unparalleled graphics, complex characters and complete freedom of movement will convince you that you are the main character in this intriguing mystery movie.

Under a Killing Moon stars Brian Keith (Hardcastle & McCormick, The Parent Trap) Margot Kidder (Superman I, II, III), Russell Means (The Last of the Mohicans, Natural Born Killers) and features the voice of James Earl Jones ( Star Wars, Field of Dreams, The Lion King).

This Codie Award Winner has the following software requirements:

Minimum Required: CD ROM drive (150KB/sec), 386/25 MHz CPU, SVGA display (VESA compliant), Hard Drive with 8 MB available, 4 MB RAM, mouse, sound board (supports all major boards). Use an Intel Pentium Processor for better performance!

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