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Unofficially documented

Not documented in techpubs or elsewhere. Taken from online help.

pod commands

General Commands

Commands may be separated by semicolons, grouped with curly braces, and used in nested loop constructs. Calculator

 Print hex:           px EXPR
 Print decimal:       pd EXPR
 Print octal:         po EXPR
 Print binary:        pb EXPR
 Look up PROM addr:   nm ADDR

Hardware Registers

 Print register(s):   pr [GPRNAME [VAL]
 Print fpreg(s):      pf [REGNO]
 Store register:      sr REG VAL
 Store fpreg:         sf REGNO VAL

Memory Access

 Print address:       pa ADDR [BITNO]
 Load byte:           lb ADDR [COUNT]
 Load half-word:      lh ADDR [COUNT]
 Load word:           lw ADDR [COUNT]
 Load double-word:    ld ADDR [COUNT]
 Load ASCII:          la ADDR [COUNT]
 Store byte:          sb ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store half-word:     sh ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store word:          sw ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store double-word:   sd ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store and verify:    sdv ADDR VAL

Memory Operations

 Fill mem w/ byte:    memset DST BYTE LEN
 Copy memory bytes:   memcpy DST SRC LEN
 Cmp memory bytes:    memcmp DST SRC LEN
 Add memory bytes:    memsum SRC LEN

Memory Testing

 Mem. sanity test:    santest ADDR
 Dir/prot init:       dirinit START LEN
 Memory clear:        meminit START LEN
 Dir. test/init:      dirtest START LEN
 Memory test/init:    memtest START LEN
 Clear errors:        clear
 Display errors:      error
 Quality mode:        qual [1|0]
 ECC mode:            ecc [1|0]
 Set R10k int mask:   im [BYTE]
 Test error limit:    maxerr COUNT
 Scan dir states:     scandir ADDR [LEN]
 Directory state:     dirstate [BASE [LEN [STATE]]]

Network and Vectors

 Vector read:         vr VEC VADDR
 Benchmark timing:    time CMD
 Echo string:         echo "STRING"


 Show PROM version:   version
 Display help:        help [CMDNAME]
 Read hub NIC:        nic [n:NODE]
 Prgm remote PROM:    flash NODE [...]
 Prgm remote PROM with values:    fflash NODE [...]
 Power flash [engineering only] :    powerflash NODE [...]

TLB and Cache

 Clear TLB:           tlbc [INDEX]
 Read TLB:            tlbr [INDEX]
 Inv. cache(s):       inval [i][d][s]
 Flush+inv caches:    flush
 Dump dcache tag:     dtag line
 Dump icache tag:     dtag line
 Dump scache tag:     stag line
 Dump dcache line:    dline line
 Dump icache line:    iline line
 Dump scache line:    sline line
 Dump dcache tag:     adtag line
 Dump icache tag:     aitag line
 Dump scache tag:     astag line
 Dump dcache line:    adline line
 Dump icache line:    ailine line
 Dump scache line:    asline line
 Store scache dword:  sscache line taglo taghi
 Store scache tag:    sstag line taglo taghi [way]
 Set memory mode:     go dex|unc|cac
 Hub_send_data_err:   hubsde
 Rtr_send_data_err:   rtrsde
 Check local link:    chklink
 Self-test hub:       bist le|ae|lr|ar [n:NODE]
 Self-test router:    rbist le|ae|lr|ar VEC
 Disable CPU/MEM:     disable n:NODE [SLICE/BANKS]
 Enable CPU/MEM:      enable n:NODE [SLICE/BANKS]
 Temp. disable:       tdisable n:NODE [SLICE]


 List segments:       segs [FLAG]
 Load/exec segment:   exec [SEGNAME [FLAG]]
 Reconfig. memory:    reconf

Console Selection

 Use IOC3 UART:       ioc3
 Use JunkBus UART:    junk
 Use SysCtlr UART:    elsc

Error Registers

 Dump II CRBs:        crb [n:NODE]
 137-col wide crb:    crbx [n:NODE]
 Dump PI err spool:   dumpspool [n:NODE SLICE]
 Dump error info:     error_dump
 Dump reset error:    reset_dump
 Dump bridge errs:    edump_bri [n:NODE]

System Controller

 System ctlr cmd:     sc ["STRING"]
 Wr sysctlr nvram:    scw ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Rd sysctlr nvram:    scr ADDR [COUNT]
 Rd sysctlr dbgsw:    dips
 Set/get debug sw:    dbg [VIRT_VAL PHYS_VAL]
 Set/get password:    pas ["PASW"]
 Set/get module #:    module [NUM]
 Set/get partition #: partition [NUM]
 Get module NIC:      modnic


 Verbose mode:        verbose [1|0]
 Use alt. regs:       altregs [NUM]
 kernel debugging:    kdebug [STACKADDR]
 Use kernel symtab:   kern_sym
 Send NMI to node:    nmi n:NODE [a|b]
 Why are we here?:    why
 Stack backtrace:     btrace [epc sp]
 Switch to cpu:       cpu [[n:NODE] a|b]
 Disassemble:         dis ADDR [COUNT]
 Dump mem cfg:        dmc [n:NODE]
 Run FRU analyzer:    fru [1(local) | 2(all node)]

Environment Variables and Error Log

 Init. PROM log:      initlog [n:NODE]
 Clear PROM log:      clearlog [n:NODE]
 Init. all PROM logs in system: initalllogs
 Clear all PROM logs in system: clearalllogs
 Set variable:        setenv [n:NODE] KEY ["STRING"]
 Remove variable:     unsetenv [n:NODE] KEY
 Print variables:     printenv [n:NODE] [KEY]
 Tail log entries:    log [n:NODE] [TAIL_CNT [HEAD_CNT]]

I/O Diagnostics

 XBow Diagnostic:     dgxbow [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>]
 Bridge Diagnostic:   dgbrdg [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] 
 IO6 Conf Spc Diag:   dgconf [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>]
 PCI Bus Diag.:       dgpci [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] [p<PCI#>]
 Serial PIO Diag:     dgspio [m<n|h|m|x>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] [p<PCI#>] 
 Serial DMA Diag:     dgsdma [m<n|h|m|x>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] [p<PCI#>]

Flashing PROM

This was for an Origin 200 but may be applicable to other systems too.

1) When the POD prompt appears, type "go cac" to enter cached mode.
2) At the Cac> prompt enter "pcfg v"; note the PROM version displayed for both the master and slave, they should be identical. Sometimes when the PROM is corrupted the version shows up as 0.0. Also note the NASID of the slave (probably 1)
3) Enter "flash" followed by the NASID number; this should copy the master's PROM image over to the slave if the PROM is healthy enough.
4) When (if) the POD prompt comes back, enter "reset" to reboot.