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Use an SGI as a Web Server

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Stick your index.html file in your user/public_html folder. Then go to http://machinename/ and see if your user is there. If it is, you can click on it and get to your homepage.

for example, I have placed a small index.html file in my freeBSD webserver at school or otherwise it gives a directory listing by default. As I am not the admin I can't change this behavior.

so, I have a file in /home/mark/public_html/index.html that says "nothing to see here..."

pictures, music, etc, I place in the public_html folder and can give a link to the image. eg, to see the file /home/mark/public_html/halo-helmet/DSC07536.JPG I give the url:

Webface lets you administer the server over the web. Just go to port 2077 it will ask for a login and from there you can have at it provided it is chkconfig'd on.

dyndns is a company that provides a free dns service. You can access dyndns here

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