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Using Multiple Hotline Clients

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U S I N G   M U L T I P L E   H O T L I N E   C L I E N T S

On the World Wide Web (with window snaps for ResEdit)

Ever wish you could keep browsing servers while you download that huge file? Or chat on a server and do file transfers on another? How about queueing both uploads and downloads to the same server? Want to set up overnight downloads involving more than one server? Or use more than one tracker at a time?

You'll need to duplicate and lightly hack your Hotline Client. This is easy and well worth the effort. I have provided step-by-step instructions suitable for the hacking newbie.


Open the folder that contains your Hotline Client folder. Create a new folder called Hotline (or whatever). Place your Hotline Client folder inside of this new folder. Open the Hotline client folder and move the Downloads and Servers folders up one level into the new folder you created (or anywhere on your hard drive). Now you need to make aliases that point to these folders. To do this, click on the Servers and Downloads folders and hit Apple - M (or choose Make Alias from the File menu). Place these aliases in the Hotline Client folder. Be sure to remove the word "alias" and any spaces from the names of the aliases you make (be extra careful here, because alias names are in italics and may contain a space that is difficult to see).

You are now ready to make copies of the client. Click on the Hotline Client folder (not the application itself) and hit Apple - D (or choose Duplicate from the FIle menu). Repeat this step for however many clients you want. If you did everything right, you should have multiple Hotline Client folders with Hotline Clients inside that will all use the same Downloads and Servers folders, and will each be customizable with their own Soundsets, Toolbars, etc.


This part is optional, but highly recommended. If you run multiple clients with the same Preferences, you will only be able to use one name/icon/tracker, and the windows will appear on top of one another each time you launch the clients. There are also problems with running too many clients this way, as they are all fighting to write to the same file.

You will need to use ResEdit (available from Apple) or a similar resource editor. Before you run scared, be assured that you don't need to know anything about computer code to perform this edit. I don't, and it worked like a charm.


Run ResEdit. From within ResEdit, open the Hotline Client application from the first COPY that you made of the Hotline Client folder. You should never edit your original client, or any other original files (to keep things clear, number your client folders). When you open the Hotline Client in ResEdit, you will see a window with several labeled icons.

Double-click on the one marked DATA. A smaller window will appear with one or more lines.

Double-click on the first line, or the one starting with a zero (0). This will bring up a new window with 3 columns.

Don't be afraid of all the weird code. All you have to do is find the phrase "Hotline Prefs" in the right-hand column and change it to something different, with the SAME NUMBER OF LETTERS. For your second client, for instance, you might rename this phrase "Hotline Pref2", for your third client "Hotline Pref3" and so on. You should find this text after scrolling through 4 or 5 screens, but it may take longer. In my version, it begins on the line marked 000508. Be very careful not to change anything else.

When you have made the change, be sure to hit save and close all of the ResEdit windows. Repeat this process on every copy you made, making sure to give each one a different name for it's preferences.


As far as I know, the only limitation on the number of clients you can run at once is memory. They will each use about 1MB of RAM. Obviously, if your internet connection is 33.6 Kbps or slower, or if you have a 50 mhz or slower processor, it makes little sense to run more than 4 or 5 at once, no matter how much memory you may have. On any system, each transfer you add (and each server you are connected to) may slow down the others. Only experimentation will tell you the best number of clients to run to achieve the most efficient Hotline environment.

Please let me know how this works out for you, and send along any other Hotline tips / hacks that you know of. Many thanks to the anonymous user who posted the ResEdit info in someone's news somewhere, some time ago.


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