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VAL MicroKey AudioPort

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Simply plug MicroKey AudioPort into your DOS or Windows based desktop, PS/2 or notebook printer port, add some speakers of headphones and all your presentations can come alive with high quality audio. With the audio port being an external device, the phrase "plug and play" has never been more appropriate.

With MicroKey AudioPort you will enjoy crystal-clear audio that can be stored in files a fraction of the size of uncompressed audio. That's because AudioPort, like other MicroKey products uses 12-bit sampling and ADPCM 3:1 compression. In fact, you can store up to 8.5 minutes of audio in a 1mb file.

Audio Port's built-in buffer allows you to play audio in the background, or play audio while loading graphics or running Windows applications, with no audio interruption or performance degradation.

AudioPort comes complete with headphones, microphone and audio editing software for Windows and a software developers kit is available FREE of charge.

AudioPort is ideal for:

  • Business Presentations
  • Training Applications
  • Technical Presentations
  • Point-of-Sale kiosks
  • Message on hold systems
  • Computerised Juke Box systems

MicroKey AudioPort Features

Audio Quality Satisfies discriminating requirements of radio and television engineers who use AudioPort in many broadcast applications.

Special 4-bit compressed mode is available. Audio files recorded with this option are 1/4 the size of 16-bit files, but with absolutely no loss of sound quality. You can have CD quality audio stored in 1/4 the space normally required.

Converter program (for both DOS and Windows) converts 16-bit files to 4-bit files and vice-versa with no loss of quality.

Plays and records standard standard Windows wave files at 24 different sample rates from 3.5Khz to 44.1Khz. (including 11Khz, 22Khz, and 44.1Khz) at 16, 8, 4 bits.

Not only is Windows operation smooth and transparent, but the MicroKey AudioPort is the only device which plays audio files in the background under DOS. This means that any DOS program can run while audio is playing without skips or interruptions.

AudioPort runs on a 9-volt battery or provided power supply.

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