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The DMediaPro DM5 daughterboard provides specialized, high-resolution, digital video imagery capabilities for SGI workstations with VPro graphics and a Dual Channel Display (DCD) option. Note that not every SGI workstation with VPro graphics may be upgraded to work with DMediaPro DM5. Contact your SGI sales or service representative if you have any questions regarding workstation compatibility with the DM5 option.

Note: Your workstation must have a V12 (or higher) VPro graphics board with a Dual Channel Display option installed. The system must be running IRIX version 6.5.16 or later. Systems running 6.5.16 require a software extension (patch) to support DM5.

The DMediaPro VBoBs will output diagnostic information on the serial port (#10 in the diagram above - it's the only male DB9). If it doesn't pass power-on diagnostics, or doesn't out put anything at all, you should at least have a better idea if there's a hardware fault. If in working condition, they should appear in a gfxinfo -v.

Use a serial terminal set at 9600/8/N/1, a null modem cable, then power up the VBoB with the serial terminal connected and running. Here's the output of one connected to a DM5:

VBOB bootloader version 1.1
Running power on diagnostics...

512KB external SRAM detected.

Press ESC to enter the RAM diagnostic mode OR load alternative image.

Diagnostic mode help menu:
  d     Run power_on external RAM diagnostics
  l     Load alternative image
  q     Quit diagnostic mode
  h     Help menu

Choose one of these options ...... [d,l,q,h]:

Start RAM data bus check:
walking 1 ...... DONE
walking 0 ...... DONE
PASS: RAM data bus check.

Start RAM address bus check:
Walking 1 ...... DONE
Walking 0 ...... DONE
PASS: RAM address bus check.

Start VBOB RAM cell test:
checking ......DONE
PASS: RAM cell check.

Choose one of these options ...... [d,l,q,h]:

Loading active image vbob_b.bin version 1.3.22.

VBOB firmware revision 1.3.22 built 20031107165902
Press <esc> to skip xilinx load
Initializing xilinx......               DONE
DM5 daughter card detected, rev 1
loading denali fpgas...
programming fpga out
programming fpga scxp3
programming fpga fmta
programming fpga dctl
programming fpga scxp2
programming fpga csc
programming fpga scxp4
programming fpga ecc
programming fpga scxp1
programming fpga fmtb
Initializing DENALI...
vbob> videomanager starting up.
video: no ENV found in flash. Using factory defaults


Does anybody know what's the difference between a DMediaPro VBOB 013-2746-006 and 013-3646-006 ?

I got a VBOB type 013-3646-006 rev A with my SGI Tezro. It has the DM5 option installed (the one with three DVI connectors). It reports "VBOB firmware revision 1.3.22" on the serial console.

I've seen a 013-2746-006 rev A on eBay and it seems to be an older serial# (MPT811) than mine (NSYxxx). Coincidentally, I had just ordered a VBOB (with DM5) for my Octane2, and received another 013-3646-006. Nearly the same serial# as the one I have with the Tezro. This part number doesn't show up anywhere. What's up?

Perhaps the difference might be for which graphics platform the VBoB to be connected to - Odyssey or Infinite Reality?

There's a revision of the DMediaPro VBoB with a TOI daughterboard intended for use with DG5-2/TVO. The TOI/TMDS daughterboard has two TMDS ports (as opposed to the three DVI ports seen on the Odyssey-intended DM5 daughterboard). I have an TOI/TMDS equipped example with a 013-2746-007 Rev.A chassis part number (and an MTP-211 serial number), while a DMediaPro VBoB with a DM5 option board I had here briefly had a chassis part number of 013-3646-006 Rev A and an NSY256 serial number. Both ran the same 1.3.22 firmware/1.1 bootloader.

Two examples probably aren't a large enough sample to say the different serial numbers indicate the target graphics platform, so if anyone else has a DMediaPro VBOB that differs from that part number/option board configuration please post a follow up.

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