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VkMsgOpen failed with status TT ERR NOMP

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>My version of swpkg hasn't worked since around IRIX 6.5.10: VkMsgFacility: VkMsgOpen failed with status TT_ERR_NOMP

ViewKit uses ToolTalk (folded into ViewKit classes) which is why the VkMsg* in the messages. TT_ERR_NOMP is a ToolTalk error code.

Tooltalk can be quite problematic. It changed markedly with 6.5.19 ( new and final release from Sun, tooltalk no longer supported (Sun dropped product)). We have fixed a couple bad bugs in that release (I proposed the specific fixes, but someone else was kind enough to check them in) and by 6.5.25 it was solid enough for WorkShop (debugger) to use and the workarounds below are no longer necessary AFAIK.

But they are safe workarounds, so feel free to try them. Various folks (including me) have found the actions below worked around the tooltalk bugs.

--Actions you can (safely) take (while system is reasonably quiet!
--Only apps using ToolTalk could be affected by these actions,
--out you don't want to do these if someone is using tooltalk):
  (the tooltalk session/the app involved/ could fail in some way)
  (almost *nothing* uses tooltalk so it would be surprising
  if these actions cause trouble)

ps -eaf |grep tt
        kill -9
                rpc.ttdbserverd   (must be root to do this one)
apps you find running.

rm $HOME/.TTauthority    (this is safe any time *you* are not
                doing anything).

If you have 6.5.19-6.5.24, do
        setenv TT_SESSION ""

Safe any time.

If you have ClearCase and are running as root set TTAUTHORITY outside clearcase files, such as doing :

setenv TTAUTHORITY /tmp/root_TTauthority

IMO safe any time.

I cannot be sure any or all of the above will work around your TT_ERR_NOMP error, but there is a very real possibility the above will help.