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Silicon Graphics WebFORCE O2 is the ultimate authoring and serving solution for the World Wide Web. WebFORCE O2 combines workstation performance with a new world of Web solutions designed for both creative professionals and programmers creating and serving dynamic, media-rich content. One comprehensive system allows you to author with easy to use, integrated applications and to serve your content with industry-leading technologies. Now you and your employees can easily use the Web for company-wide communication, collaboration, and universal access to information and applications.

To meet the demand for media-rich content on the Web and serve the next generation of dynamic, interactive intranet applications, a Web server must be scalable and have the power to accommodate the increased requirements of today's Web environment. WebFORCE Origin200 servers from Silicon Graphics are the next generation of Web servers designed for the future of World Wide Web and intranet applications.

The World Wide Web has changed from a static, text-based world to a dynamic, highly interactive environment. At the same time, corporate intranets are enabling communication, collaboration, and universal access to an unprecedented amount of information. This new environment requires the performance, adaptability, and scalability of Silicon Graphics® WebFORCE Origin2000 servers--the first platform designed with these requirements in mind.

WebFORCE Intranet[edit]

Leveraging internet technologies internally to develop corporate webs, or "intranets", has a powerful business impact. By enabling dramatic cost savings, increased productivity, and shortened time to market, intranets mark a revolution in business communication and information management.

The WebFORCE product family is everything your company needs for media-rich Web authoring, media serving, intranet site creation and management, and Java and VRML application development, complemented by next-generation server software from Netscape Communications Corporation.

WebFORCE Intranet Solutions start with the WebFORCE O2 and the WebFORCE Intranet WorkGroup Option for small companies or as part of a larger corporate intranet. For more demanding intranets the WebFORCE Origin 200 and WebFORCE Origin 2000 with the WebFORCE Intranet Corporate Option will provide all the power your intranet will need.

The WebFORCE O2 and WebFORCE Origin servers with the WebFORCE Intranet WorkGroup or Corporate Option are an "intranet in a box" solutions with all of the tools you will need to create a corporate intranet.

New to WebFORCE is Intranet Junction, a first-of-its-kind, web-based, client/server application that lets you quickly and easily set up and maintain powerful, multi-level intranet web sites. Intranet Junction streamlines the design of customized intranet pages through the use of predefined templates and graphics. Select from a variety of template styles that match your working environment, then point-and-click through the entire process from graphics layout and link creation, to deployment and on-going site maintenance.

With the new and powerful suite of Cosmo authoring tools from Silicon Graphics, users can create and experience compelling Web content by combining HTML, VRML, Java and multimedia into a seamless hypermedia experience. Cosmo Create allows users to quickly create Web pages rich with information and media. Cosmo Worlds will put the power of VRML into your intranet so that you can visualize information and data in ways you never thought possible. With Cosmo Code, a powerful visual Java development environment, you can create an information rich intranet with powerful applications. With additional tools from Adobe and Xing, your intranet will be able to delivery information to your corporate users.

All WebFORCE intranet solutions are powered with software from Netscape Communications Corporation. FastTrack, Enterprise, News, Mail, Proxy, and Catalog will provide all your communications and collaboration needs. With LiveWire Pro, you will be able to quickly and easily manage your web site and develop powerful web applications.

WebFORCE MediaBase[edit]

WebFORCE ® MediaBase 2.0 leverages the scalability and reliability of the Silicon Graphics OriginTM Servers to provide a feature-rich, cost-efficient, Web-based enterprise media server. WebFORCE MediaBase 2.0 increases the value of existing intranet and internet applications by adding media (audio and video) streaming to static web applications. Richer in content, these applications attract new users and improve usability and understanding.

WebFORCE MediaBase provides a complete solution with all the tools required to manage, monitor, and integrate media streams into web applications. Its open architecture supports standards and non-standards based streaming formats as well as a variety of network protocols. It also ensures that WebFORCE MediaBase can fit into most computing environments and start adding value quickly.

The WebFORCE MediaBase 2.0 defines a new class of intelligent, integrated Web media servers that deliver interactive, real-time, high quality MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and H.263/G.723 video and audio streams to Web clients via IP and ATM networks.

Gauntlet Internet Firewall[edit]

Gauntlet Internet Firewall is a proven, effective, and assured means of safeguarding your private network. By serving as the only connection between the Internet and your private, trusted network, a Gauntlet Internet Firewall uses specific software application gateways and strong user authentication to tightly control access and block attacks launched against your network. Gauntlet Internet Firewall provides a network strongpoint where strict enforcement of your security policy is concentrated.

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