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WebFORCE Intranet Junction

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Intranet Web Site Builder

The first of its kind Web-based client-server application, Intranet Junction from Silicon Graphics lets you quickly and easily set up and maintain powerful, multilevel intranet Web sites. The product's templates and graphics streamline the design of customized intranet pages. Select from a variety of template styles to match your working environment, then point-and-click through the entire process from graphics layout and link creation to publishing and ongoing site maintenance.


Written to take advantage of popular Web browsers, Intranet Junction operates in and creates site for virtually any intranet environment. The intuitive interface does not require user training - simple point your browser to the Intranet Junction page running on your WebFORCE server and start designing your intranet from any system within the enterprise. Templates let you quickly enter your own content and create links to other intranet pages. Take advantage of artwork included with Intranet Junction styles or leverage your own existing artwork.

Fast Customized Results

Whether you want to share information between project teams or deliver corporate material to an international employee base, developing a site with an Intranet Junction template gets you off to a quick start. Choose from corporate, funky, muted, and watery styles to define the basic Web site structure. Simply add your own text to the basic template you choose, or modify colors and headers, change font styles, and add icons or you own artwork to make your site distinctive.

Search Capabilities

Intranet Junction uses a high-performance search tool that lets your users find appropriate information on your corporate intranet. The multithreaded robot will fetch and index your site as soon as you publish your site. With the search tool integrated into your intranet site, you can be assured that critical information is easily accessible to your users.

Secure Environment

By using Intranet Junction throughout your enterprise, you will have the ability to protect your intranet sites from accidental or unauthorized modifications. User passwords control access to the site your create and prevent unauthorized changes to your content.

Reduced Web Publishing Costs

Intranet Junction reduces the workload for the experienced Webmaster and lets individuals quickly and easily publish information on the Web. Your existing staff can use Intranet Junction to set up multilevel corporate intranet Web sites. A full set of graphics, editing, and maintenance features allows you to create, add, delete, copy, and modify site pages, as well as create links to integrate existing pages with new pages.

The Page Overview feature shows you all the links between pages so you can understand the impact of any content changes before you make them. The straightforward, time-saving procedures for adding to and maintaining sites pages translate into lower support costs.

Leveraging Our Experience

With Intranet Junction, you can tap into Silicon Graphics' extensive intranet experience. Intranet Junction and other Silicon Graphics WebFORCE authoring and Web serving products can help you create your own version of Silicon Junction - the gateway to Silicon Graphics intranet. Silicon Junction comprises over 1,400 servers and more than 225,000 URLs access by employees worldwide. Silicon Graphics employees take advantage of Silicon Junction to communicate and collaborate on projects, share marketing literature, receive human resources information, query customer support, pricing, and product databases, run a variety of applications, and increase overall productivity - all on the Web. Your company can gain the same competitive advantages as Silicon Graphics by using Intranet Junction to begin implementing powerfully intranet Web sites.

Intranet Junction Key Features

  • Customizable graphics design including icon libraries, high-quality image generation, and incorporation of external artwork.
  • Choice of fonts, font sizes, and font colors.
  • Lock usernames and sites to prevent concurent editing of web sites.
  • Simple creation and editing of URL links, including the creation of links to a predefined script such as a date or search tool.
  • Built-in function to add, copy, delete, and undelete sites.
  • Simplified updates - element changes to propagate to every page that reference the element.
  • Customizable footer advertisements.
  • Optional stock tool to put the stock price indicator on the site home page.
  • One-button update to preview or publish changes.
  • User authentication for site creators.
  • Built-in search engine with a mutlithreaded indexing robot for fast multiple-site searches.
  • External HTML editor support to import pages created in other editors into an Intranet Junction site.
  • Automatic generation of a "lite" or text-only version of your site.
  • Administration mode to release user and site locks as well as changing user passwords.

WebFORCE Intranet Option Packs

Application WebFORCE Intranet
Workgroup Option
WebFORCE Intranet
Corporate Option
Intranet Junction 1.0.1
Netscape Enterprise Server 2.01  
Netscape Mail 2.02
Netscape News 2.01
Netscape Proxy 2.5  
Netscape Catalog 1.0  
Netscape LiveWire Pro 1.0  
Netscape Certificate 1.0  
Netscape Directory 1.0  

Intranet Junction

Technical Specifications


Operating System

IRIX 6.2 or later


64MB or more on web server

Supported browsers

Netscape 2.02
Netscape 3.0

Supported servers

Netscape FastTrack
Netscape Enterprise