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WebSTAR Overview: The Ultimate Web Server for the Mac OS

WebSTAR is the industry standard for transforming your Mac into a powerful Web server. WebSTAR can serve millions of connections per day, and is fully extensible through WebSTAR plug-ins. And yet, it's never been easier. Simply double-click the application and you're up and running. Extending your server's functionality is as difficult as dragging and dropping plug-ins developed by StarNine or one of many third-party developers.

Highlights of New Features

  • Dramatic performance increases - twice as fast as version 1.3.1!
  • Direct server support for Java applets via Java Virtual Machine
  • Now bundled with WebSTAR/SSL
  • New server purchases include free Adobe PageMill
  • Web-based remote server administration
  • Dynamic, high performance caching of content
  • Support for HTTP Keep-Alive
  • Improved username/password support
  • Improved Allow/Deny support
  • Integrated support for Acrobat Byte Serving
  • Built-in file upload capabilities
  • Integrated support for image maps
  • Supports an expanded command set for server-side includes
  • Much more!

Fast Web serving, without sacrificing ease of use

WebSTAR can now perform advanced Web functions such as dynamic file caching using a frequency based algorithm, and support for HTTP Keep-Alive, allowing faster multi-connection processing. Depending on your computer's configuration, WebSTAR 2.0 is 200%-300% faster than version 1.3.1, and can now support millions of connections per day. Why purchase a more expensive Unix solution, when WebSTAR can serve your Web sites, without the headache of Unix commands!

Improved security on an already secure platform

The Mac OS has always been recognized for its inherent file security. WebSTAR gives you complete security control through allow/deny support of IP addresses and folders, and improved username and password protection, including new import/export options. For secure Web transactions, we've included WebSTAR/SSL for encrypting Web pages. (requires Digital ID)

New options for complete Web site customization

Through the power of WebSTAR plug-ins, an extended set of server-side includes lets you create dynamic Web pages. Serve Web pages that include the client's address, time of day, and the number of times a page has been accessed. You can also serve random images or files, a must-have for sites serving Web-based advertising. WebSTAR also now includes built-in support for image maps and Acrobat byte-serving. Once you've created your content, you may also want to customize the logging functions of your server.

Remote adminstration and content management

Often Webmasters find themselves at remote locations, away from their WebSTAR server. Through the WebSTAR remote administration, any WebSTAR setting can be altered from a Web browser, at any location. Need to update a file, or add new content? Simply use the WebSTAR file upload capabilities, and view the contents of your WebSTAR folder, including custom icons, through the Directory Indexer.

Everything needed for creating and maintaining a Web site

New purchases of WebSTAR contain the following tools for creating and maintaining a Web site:

  • Adobe PageMill - Create your Web pages quickly and easily with the latest Web page editor from Adobe. No need to learn HTML -- robust new editing options let you create state-of-the-art pages easily.
  • WebSTAR/SSL Security Toolkit - provides authentication and encryption using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that Web connections are completely private. This enables WebSTAR to verify the identity of the user, and to encrypt the data transmitted. Digital ID required.
  • WebSTAR Tools CD-ROM - a complete suite of auxilary applications. The WebSTAR Tools CD-ROM contains:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
    • NetPresenz 4.0.1 by Peter Lewis for sharing files across the Internet.
    • AppleScript and Userland's Frontier for creating CGI's between WebSTAR and external applications.
    • Demo Plug-Ins, AppleScripts and CGI's for connecting WebSTAR to external applications such as FileMaker, Everyware's Butler SQL database, and ACI's 4D.
    • WebSTAR API SDK 1.1 for creating your own WebSTAR plug-ins.

System Requirements:

WebSTAR requires a full TCP/IP connection (or Open Transport) to the Internet and/or a Local Area Network. StarNine recommends a Macintosh with 8 or more MB of RAM, running 7.0.1 or greater, and MacTCP. It is possible to run WebSTAR on a Macintosh with 4MB of RAM, however the System Software will need to be stripped down of inits and extensions so it requires no more than 1.4 MB of RAM. In a low memory configuration, WebSTAR should be the only application running and running CGI's is not advised. Thread Manager required, if not already in System.

It is best to have a full TCP/IP connection such as a T1, fractional T1, ISDN or 56k line. A 28.8bps modem connected via PPP or SLIP will work as well, although it is not recommended.