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Web Client Programming with Perl

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ISBN: 1-56592-214-X

Explains how to go beyond the standard Web browser to get a more powerful, flexible, and dynamic response from a Web client. Shows how to extend your scripting skills to the Web and write customized Web clients to automate common tasks. For example, you can write scripts to display the latest weather report every hour, get instant tracking reports on a Federal Express package, or use a dictionary server repeatedly throughout the day. In addition to demonstrating how to automate such repetitive -- and often tedious -- queries on the Web, the book teaches the basics of how browsers communicate with servers, shows how to detect broken hyperlinks on a Web site, and explains how to write simple "robots" that traverse hyperlinks across a site or even across the Web. Most of the examples use Perl, a language that is used by Web developers, CGI programmers, and UNIX power users. The book does not teach Perl, but the techniques used in the book should be easily followed by anyone with some programming background and can be adapted to other languages.