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Many Web years ago in 1994, two Stanford University graduate students, Ashutosh Roy and Gunjan Sinha, wanted to come up with a way for people to find other people on the Internet. As the reach of the Internet was expanding and the infrastructure improving, Ashu and Gunjan wanted to help people (Who) find each other (Where), and the company called WhoWhere was born.

In January 1996, WhoWhere launched its online directory service that included free access to telephone listings, e-mail addresses and business URLs. WhoWhere completed its first round of funding in July 1996 with investments from the Rockefeller family's venture capital arm, Venrock. Throughout 1996 WhoWhere grew at a rapid pace, and added many additional directory services such as the personal home pages directory, communities advanced search and EDGAR filings. In February 1997, WhoWhere began to further expand by private-labeling its network applications. WhoWhere completed its first private-labeled directory service with GeoCities, which allowed people on GeoCities's Web site to find people and businesses on the Internet using WhoWhere's database.

In March 1997, WhoWhere launched its free Web-based e-mail product, called MailCity. Shortly thereafter in April, Dale Fuller, former vice president and general manager of the PowerBook business unit of Apple Computer, was named President and CEO of WhoWhere. Fuller redefined the company's strategy and WhoWhere began an aggressive program of private-labeling its network applications to major brands, affinity groups and online communities. WhoWhere continued its rapid growth, and acquired Angelfire Communications in October 1997, which incorporated personal home page services into the company's product offering. In November 1997, WhoWhere secured $10 million in its second round of financing. By the end of the year, WhoWhere had over 25 partners for branded network applications, and was the 14th most trafficked site on the Internet according to RelevantKnowledge.

What will come of 1998? All we can say is that the best is yet to come - keep your eye on us!

WhoWhere? Inc. is a leading provider of free Web-based communication applications that enable people and businesses worldwide to seamlessly find, communicate and collaborate with each other. The company's online directories include free access to telephone listings, e-mail addresses, personal home pages and business URLs. WhoWhere also provides a suite of network applications that currently includes e-mail, personal home pages and directory services. Using a private-labeling model, WhoWhere licenses and operates these applications to major brands, community-based organizations and affinity groups.

WhoWhere was acquired by Lycos in 1998.