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Workaround for V6/V8 Flicker and Artifacts

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SGI's first series of VPro graphics boards for the SGI Octane2 unfortunately comes with a hardware bug. This causes flickering and artifacts when there is more than one OpenGL rendering context on the screen. To avoid this, one possibility is to "underclock" the RAMDAC by running a screen refresh rate of 50Hz. This is only to be recommended with a TFT-screen. SGI's F180 (=LG's 882LE) is capable to sync that, but I guess there are more on the market which are capable of doing so.

1. Copy the following VFO to /usr/gfx/ucode/ODSY/vof/ 1280x1024_50.vfo

2. Start 'xsetmon' as superuser and choose the combination "1280x1024_50"

Thanks go to Joerg for the webspace.