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From: Info-Mac Moderator <macmod>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 6:46:05 PST

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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 09:09:23 +48000
From: Guy Shaviv <guy@arshaviv.technion.ac.il>
To: info-mac@sumex-aim.stanford.edu
Subject: [R] X-Windows for mac
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As requested by some, I am posting the smallest subset of responses 
which covers all the suggestions received concerning the question of running 
X-emulation on the mac.


From: ericb@sicom.com (Eric Brombaugh)
Message-Id: <9411022108.AA10252@sicom.com>
To: guy
Subject: X-Windows for mac
Status: RO

>I have a MacIIx connected via serial port to a Unix-Workstation. Is there
>any way to emulate X-windows on the mac? I can also connect the mac via

I have done this with my PB145 and a Sparc II machine at work.  I have
installed Suns SLIP software on the Sparc (shipped with the PC-NFS
server software), and MacTCP / InterSLIP on the Mac.  With this setup
I can get full access to the TCP/IP network via the Mac serial port.
I have used Mac X with it, but at a maximum data rate of 19.2 kbps it
is somewhat slower than is really useful.  Telnet and FTP are very
usable though.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Eric Brombaugh
ericb@sicom.com (work)
emeb@indirect.com (home)

To: guy
From: jkortg01@mpg.gmpt.gmeds.com (Jerry W. Kortge)
Subject: Macintosh X-Emulation
Status: RO

I have used both MacX and eXodus on a  Quadra 700 to run x-window sessions=
 with a unix host via TCP/IP.  Both worked fine.  I'm not sure is Apple is=
 still supporting MacX which is the reason we switched to eXodus after=
 having originally evaluated the MacX package. Good luck.

Jerry W. Kortge

From: boris@ny.ox.com (Boris Altman)
To: guy
Subject: X for the mac
Status: RO

You have to connect via TCP/IP wich requires either ethernet card or
some Appletalk/Ethernet box like Gatorbox.
As far as software goes you have to get either MacX from Apple
or eXodus from White Pine software. This will transform your mac into
an Xterminal. However, it is quite slow Xterminal. It is fine for text
but real X applications with menues and graphics runn very slow.
I tried to run SaberC that way and got tired of it in about .5 hr.
IF you do not really need X, get telnet. It is free. It has multiple windows
and allows copy/paste between windows. It has ftp buil-in.
If you want to use serial connection you can get maclayers which is free,
allows multiple windows and supports X-modem protocol.

To: guy
From: "Markus Hatterscheid"  <MARKUS@glider.econ3.uni-bonn.de>
Date:         3 Nov 94 17:24:18 -11
Subject:      Re: X-Windows for mac
Priority: normal
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Message-Id: <1A22F86A41@glider.econ3.uni-bonn.de>
Status: RO

Hi Guy,

in the last info-mac-digest you asked about connecting your mac via a
serial line to a unix host.

It sholuld be possible to setup a TCP/IP connection between the unix
host and your mac using MacTCP and InterSLIP. Based on this TCP/IP
connection you could use MACX as a X-Windows-Server for the unix host.


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