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X11 and Motif Programming

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Motif Resources

static String fallback_resources[] = {
  "*sgiMode: TRUE",
  "*SgNuseEnhancedFSB: TRUE",
  "*useSchemes: all",

Example code

A good way to learn is by doing, failing that the next best way is to take examples and examine, tweak and explore..

Do a web search for young.cxx.tar and young.motif.tar

Douglas Young was an SGI Engineer who wrote books before and during his time at SGI..

The files named young.* are from various books I have written about
Motif and X. The files and matching books are:
young.cxx.tar.Z: Examples using Motif with C++ from "Object-Oriented
Programming with C++ and OSF/Motif", Prentice Hall, 1992. ISBN
young.motif2.tar.Z: Motif examples, in ANSI C, from the latest edition 
of "The X Window System: Programming and Applications with Xt, Motif
Edition", Prentice Hall, 1994. ISBN 0-13-123803-5. This file contains
the source for the Motif version of my Tree widget.
young.motif.tar.Z: The file contains examples from the original Motif
version of "The X Window System etc", circa 1990. ISBN 0-13-497074-8. 
Based on Motif 1.0.  Kept here for those who still are using the old
version of this book.
young.debug.tar.Z: Source examples from "Motif Debugging and
Performance Tuning", Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN 0-13-147984-9. Note
that these examples often contain examples of bugs and performance
problems. They are *supposed* to have problems, so don't copy them as
"good" examples, and don't be surprised if these programs core dump or 
have other problems.

The source for the nedit text editor is available at:

See Also

  • ISBN 0-13-209255-7
  • ISBN 0-13-497074-9
  • ISBN 0-13-972167-3
  • ISBN 1-56592-016-3
  • ISBN 0-13-640673-4