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The author cannot be held responsible for a possible loss of data. You are always self-responsible of backing up your data!

Although XFS is one of the most advanced filesystems, there can be situations in which you want to check if your root-drive is error free or to repair a corrupted partition.


For doing this on your root-drive, you have to quit IRIX and boot a mini-root. So reboot your machine and press ESC, until the following screen appears:


Then click on the icon Install System Software which brings up this screen:

02 SysSw.JPG

Insert your Installation Tools and Overlays 1/4 disk, that is part of your IRIX-CD-Set, and press install. This brings up the next screen:

03 AdminTools.JPG

Enter the phrase admin or the numer 13 and press enter. You will get a choice of administrative tasks. Enter the phrase mount to get a list of mounted filesystems:

05 ShowMounts.JPG

Unmount the filesystems that are hooked into mountpoints on your root drive. In this case it is an optiondrive:

06 unmount1.JPG

After unmounting this drive with the command umount /dev/dsk/dks0d2s7 also unmount the rootdrive:

07 unmount2.JPG

Now we start a unix shell with sh or 6:

08 getShell.JPG

And start checking/repairing the root-partition with xfs_repair /dev/dsk/dks0d1s0

09 invoke xfs repair.JPG

xfs_repair works and restores data to the well-known lost+found folder, for example...

10 xfs repair walkingFs.JPG

After xfs_repair has finished, quit the unix-shell using the exit-command

11 exit sh.JPG

You return to the administrative menu. Here remount the rootdrive using mount /root

12 remount root.JPG

Finally return to the main-installation menu:

13 return.JPG

...and type in quit to restart your machine.

14 quit and reboot.JPG

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