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X Window System for A/UX

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Apple Computer's implementation of X Window System, Version 11, Release 4 for the A/UX operating system provides two distinct products: X11 and MacX.

The first, X11, delivers a native X Window System environment that is well-suited for technical users and software developers. X11 provides a full development environment, including X pro­gramming libraries, the X Toolkit intrinsics, and the Athena Widget Set.

The second, MacX, allows X applications to share the A/UX software Finder desktop with Macintosh and UNIX applica­tions. With MacX, users can open frequently-used X client applica­tions by just choosing a command from a Macintosh pull-down menu.

Both X11 and MacX allow users to take advantage of the highly portable, network-transparent X Window System. The X Window System is the result of years of development work by researchers from the computer industry and from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Apple Computer's X Window System for A/UX complies with the standards and conventions set by the MIT X Consortium.


X11 for A/UX


  • X11 for A/UX offers the native X Window System environment with the improved performance of the X Window System, Version 11, Release 4 server. X11 controls the display and does not allow access to the A/UX Finder.

Network transparency

  • X11 client applications can reside on any system on the network-on a local computer or a remote host computer. The applications can also be displayed on a local or remote system.

X libraries and applications

  • Standard libraries, standard include files, applications, and utilities are provided for X client application development. These include libX11, libXau, libXaw, libXdmcp, libXext, libXinput, libXmu, libXt, and liboldX.
  • X11 display font families include Charter, Clean, Courier, Helvetica, Lucida, New Century Schoolbook, Symbol, and Times.

Screen options

  • X11 supports both mono­ chrome and 8-bit color video cards and displays. The 8-bit color option allows simulta­neous display of up to 256 colors or shades of gray from a palette of 16 million colors.

MacX for A/UX


  • MacX allows X client applications to share the A/UX Finder with multiple Macintosh and UNIX applications. MacX is appropriate for novice and experienced users alike.

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