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Xoommainlogo.gif, Inc. is a leading direct e-commerce company powered by one of the largest hosting services on the Internet. The company attracts members to its Web site by offering a variety of high-quality, free services, including homepage building, chat rooms, message boards, HTML email, online greeting cards, clip art and downloadable software utilities. has pioneered direct e-commerce on the Internet by targeting its members with product and service offers relevant to their needs and interests. As a result, the company is creating a new way for consumers to purchase products online. And in doing so, is moving its business closer to "zero gravity," a model that eliminates physical fulfillment, inventory and customer service by outsourcing these areas to partners.

To become a member and receive the company's free services, visitors provide with their email address and other demographic information and agree to receive product offers from the company via email. These targeted offers are competitively priced and continuously updated. To date, offers have included computer software and hardware, consumer electronics, gift items, collectibles, a DVD movie club and a travel club.

In January 1998 was not even one of the 100 most visited sites on the Web. However, by July it had become the second fastest growing site for the first six months of the year, and was the thirteenth most visited site in December 1998, according to Media Metrix. Its reach grew from 1.7 percent in January to 29.5 percent across all of its properties in December. had more than 6 million registered members as of February 10, 1999, adding an average of approximately 20,000 new members per day during the prior quarter. For an up-to-date membership count, visit the front page of the company's Web site at

The same advantages that facilitate the growth of electronic commerce make the Internet a compelling medium for direct marketing. For example, compared to traditional direct marketing,'s model involves no mailing or printing costs, benefits from more rapid testing and campaign results, requires less working capital and becomes profitable at much lower response rates. Additionally, can offer its international members a significantly broader selection of products and services than is typically available to them locally. Furthermore, Internet based direct selling allows to rapidly collect meaningful demographic information and feedback from consumers, allowing the company to tailor and customize new offers quickly. has built two very strong revenue streams -- e-commerce and advertising -- which have been growing in parallel. Having focused since day one on e-commerce and having succeeded in becoming a top 15 Web site that attracts a community of buyers, is extremely well positioned to grow both revenue streams aggressively moving forward. By continuing to offer its members high-quality services and offers conveniently over the Internet, is striving to become the leading direct e-commerce company on the Internet.

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