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YAGO Systems

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Founded in September 1996, YAGO Systems, Inc. is a privately held start-up that designs, builds, markets and sells enterprise and ISP class backbone solutions, that employ Gigabit Ethernet technology. YAGO Systems has its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, and is an active participant in both the Gigabit Ethernet Alliance and the IP Multicast Initiative.

Routers are widely used devices that translate messages from one network format to another, while switches -- to which the industry is rapidly moving -- use more advanced technology. Yago, in industry parlance, is a "layer 3" switch maker. These types of switches act as routers, forwarding packets of data usually via the Internet Protocol format. Yago's technology combines some of the aspects of speedy gigabit-networking formats, routers and ordinary switches.

YAGO was acquired by Cabletron Systems in early 1998.

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