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Zamfields Internet BBS List

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cat ZBBS.list
Newsgroups: alt.bbs.internet
From: [email protected] (Thomas A. Kreeger)
Subject: Zamfield's Internet BBS List
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Followup-To: [email protected]
Keywords: Internet BBS list
Sender: [email protected]
Organization: The Mirrors In My Mind tell me that i am disorganized
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 05:40:27 GMT
Lines: 702

        Here it is.


%%%%%   Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List   %%%%%%

        Publishing Info:        March 30th 1992.
                                Published with the Textedit text editor 
                                for X-windows.  Now Available in Postscript
                                form thanks to Interleaf.

        Availablity:            Anonymous FTP at
                                in the /pub directory.
                                E-mail requests can be made to
                                [email protected]
                                Posted on alt.bbs.internet twice
                                a month.

        The folling list has been compiled with the help of the wonderfully
        generous who associate with InterNet or UseNet.  I owe them many
        thanks and please continue to send information.  The amount of mail
        I recieve is enormous, and I appreciate the responses.

        I have a few things to say about these BBS's in general.  So bear
        with me, or skip ahead, but do take the time to read this.

        1.      These BBS's are provided as a service to anyone 
                on Internet.  Not just you.  This means that you should 
                try not to dominate these sites 
                by staying logged in continuously or repeatedly trying to
                gain access.
        2.      While you may not directly pay for these services 
                someone does.  These bbs's are run on someone else's
                computer, which means that someone else pays to keep it
                running, provide space and access, and fix problems.
        3.      You are a guest, and please keep that in mind while
                using these BBS's
        Okay, that wasn't so bad after all.  
        Most of these BBS`s offer services unique to BBS'ing. Some offer 
        small scale versions of standard Internet sevices.  Keep in mind
        that mail or articles posted on BBS's does not reach everyone in
        the world, and if you can get to UseNet, you will problably find
        better responses.  Most of the files on these BBS`s can be found
        by anonymous FTP, so don't tie up the system downloading files if 
        you have FTP.  Do be considerate on these BBS`s, some people aren't
        using Telnet or Rlogin to get to these, some people still dial
        numbers with modems at there homes.

        I'm not going to say anymore, because you can figure most of
        this out for yourselves.  Enjoy the list and write back to tell
        me about these BBS`s.  I want to add as much info to these as
        possible.   A little abstract, such as services, will be
        For users of JANET (UK), you may access these bbs's through
        first connecting to UK.AC.NFSNET-RELAY.TELNET or
        PAD.UK.AC.NFSNET-RELAY.TELNET.  Likewise, users of internet can
        get to JANET by telnet SUN.NFS.AC.UK, login as janet.

        Lately I have been told that the above relays don't seem to be
        responding.  I have not been able to use the internet side, but
        I can't test the JANET side.  If anyone knows what has happened
        to these services, I would love to hear about it.

        Something New!!!!!

        all sites that are prefixed with ===========
        and sufixed with the same thing are sites that are
        down and will probably be removed from this list.

        such as
        Mars Hotel
                --      down now

        just something new to help clear any misconceptions up.

3/30/92                                         [email protected]

NAME                    ADDRESS                 LOGIN           BBS Software


        --              This site is included to help the designer of it bbs
        --              software work out it's bugs.  Currently it is ofline,
        --              but when it does go online be sure to help out.  I
        --              included his original post hear because he describes
        --              his system better than me.
        --                      I am working on starting a new bbs that is
        --                      avaible  on the internet.  Basically, I am
        --                      working on writing software and would like to
        --                      have some people use it and help me to debug
        --                      it.  To login tlenet to, port
        --                      8888 and just follow the directions.  BTW,
        --                      if you don't get  anything when connecting
        --                      that just means someone else is online.  I
        --                      need to work on it.  mail responses to
        --                      [email protected] Alex R.N. Wetmore.
        --              This is Alex's project not mine.

AfterFive      9999
        --     9999

        --              hours 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. CST.  Please no
        --              logins during the day.

        --              MUCK - enhanced tinymuck2.2.7d-beta.  Based on
        --              Bourbon Street, New Orleans.  May not be 
        --              appropriate for all ages, especially very young
        --              children as the database is rather graphic in
        --              section describing stip tease, and bars.

        --              BBS is Citadel like Quartz and Grind.  No HotKeys
        --              though.  Supports 120 concurrent users.

        --              This site is running on a very fast machine, but
        --              you might experience network delays.  Contact
        --              Howard, Darrel, Trish, Wolvercuss, Akbaar or Captain,
        --              wizards, if you wish to work on any aspect of After-
        --              Five.

BadBoy`s Inn   (unstable)       bbs     Pirate 2.0
        --     (should be stable)
        --              also try (not sure on this one)

        --              Be sure to use, it will usually get
        --              you throught to wherever badboy really is.

        --              Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail Test site for new Pirate
        --              Software.  Pirate 2.0 kicks, if it would work
        --              all the time!

        --              This site is rather deserted, probably because of
        --              difficulty finding the place, but it has a great
        --              message base.

Bergon By Byte            bbs             unknown

        --              This is a new site, but not sure about it, so don't 
        --              go flooding this place until I can confirm
        --              its availablity.

        --              I will post an update as soon as I can, and
        --              then correct this list for the next post.

Cimarron (in Spanish)       bbs             Pirate 1.0

        --              Nice BBS, too bad it is all in Spanish.  Good place
        --              to get aquainted with if you are trying to learn
        --              Spanish, lots of conversations to look at.  Cimarron
        --              is a type of ram, and is the school pet.

        --              Open between 18:00 to 8:00 Mexican Central Time.

Cleveland Free-Net (       CWRUBBS
        --     (
        --     (
        --              Usenet, Internet, MUD, USA Today ON-Line.  Local
        --              mail, and Interest Groups.

        --              This site is huge.  The entire system is based on
        --              a town metaphor, which means to mail people you walk
        --              to the  post-office , and to talk you go to the rec
        --              center, etc.  The amount of local/regional infomation
        --              at this site is unreal, but most people will be
        --              interested in the conversations that go on, and the
        --              possiblility of having an account on a system that
        --              closely resembles a full unix account.

CueCosy                      cosy            Cosy 4.0

        --              Conferences and Topics. EAN Mail, Usenet FTP,
        --              downloads Kermit & Xmodem, Online Unix course, some
        --              local files.  If anyone has anything to add to this
        --              site's description, I would appreciate it.

Delft University BBS          BBS
        --              In Holland, Mostly Dutch. Files, messages, Chat 
        --              area's

        --              VERY large MS/DOS file base, but you have to be able
        --              to understand Dutch descriptions.
        --              This is probably a very cool bbs, but I doubt that
        --              many people seeing this will find it of much use.

Endless Forest 2001 
        --     2001 

        --              Boards, E-mail.  Reminds me of WWIV BBS. all-message
        --              base.  Said to be a kind of poetry/philosophy hangout.
        --              If anyone has anything to add to this site's
        --              description, I would appreciate it.

Heartland Peoria Illinois FreeNet
        --               fnguest

        --              Mail, Public Forum, Recreation, Calendar, Social
        --              services, Senior center, Teen center, Local job &
        --              government info, Legal, Medical, Tax, & Invest/Banking 
        --              Forums SIG's, library, Home & Garden, Science & Tech,
        --              & Education Forums

        --              Community metaphor, and mostly local info.

Hewlett-Packard BBS

        --              has tech help, and 28/28S/48S/48SX files/programs.
        --              New releases, prodouts, and announcements.
        --              This is the one and only source if you need  
        --              something for your Hewlett-Packard calculator.  I
        --              have see games, sounds, pictures,and nearly 
        --              everything else for the 48 series at this 

IDS DataForum            guest

        --              IDS DataForum is a public access system
        --              run on a DEC VAX.  It is menu driven, supports
        --              VT100, and ANSI graphics.

        --              Features, TELNET, FINGER, Weahter Underground,
        --              Ham Callsign Book.  Adds Internet Mail (VMS Mail).

        --              Includes Entertainment, such as, International
        --              MUD's, local-only games, CONQUEST & GALACTIC
        --              TRADER, and CB Simulator for CHATS.

        --              RIME, PC-BBS messaging network, Usenet NEWS with
        --              "nearly" full newsfeed.

        --              DailOut service, online Game Developer Conference,
        --              and BBS software available as well.

        --              Local access at (401)-884-9002, (V.32, Telebit/
        --              PEP, USR HST, V.42bis).

        --              more info at [email protected]

ISCA             iscabbs         DOC (Citadel)
        --     <ftp server>

        --              Update, can now handle 70 users.

        --              130 message rooms, over 300 megs each of IBM, Mac,
        --              Amiga, and other, software.  Kermit, XYZModem, or
        --              FTP, from the BBS.  ftp server at

        --              private IRC, Internet and IRC access for local users.
        --              Online data system Panda.

Mars Hotel              Mars.EE.MsState.Edu     bbs             Pirate

        --              Boards, Talk, Chat, IRC, Mail.
        --              Fairly extensive files,
        --              ftp'able, Kermit,XYZmodems,

        --              Died recently due to unrepairable hardware
        --              failures.  This System will probably remain
        --              down for a year or so, or indefinately if
        --              another machine is not found for it.
        --              I will continue to update its status if any
        --              changes occur.

        --              Send Donations, Money, Machines, Parts, Etc...
        --              and Mars can live again with all the old 
        --              info and files still intact.
        --              Mars is/was a Sparc 4/110 that lost a Mongo
        --              chip.  The EE department might consider ordering
        --              a replacement, but has no idea where to get one.
        --              Info will be forwarded if sent to [email protected]
        --      Also, if anyone has a spare 4/110 
        --              the EE department said that would do just fine.

        --              Further info, offerings, etc, contact ME, 
        --              [email protected] and I will facilitate
        --              the rebirth of Mars if possible.


        --              at the Which Host? prompt type um-m-net.
        --              at the MichNet login: prompt type newuser.

        --              This is a Public Access UNIX/Conferencing System.
        --              100 Conferences, sh, ksh, csh, bbs, & menu shells
        --              for every type of user.

        --              write/talk/xtalk/chat for communicating between 
        --              users, and PARTY for group chats.

National Education BBS         bbs

        --              appearantly this site is once again active.
        --              If not then someone tell me, I am kinda busy
        --              here lately.   From past descriptions and experiences,
        --              this site is a one person at a time site, but then
        --              again I could be wrong.  I seem to remeber there
        --              being a great deal of neat files.

Netcom               guest + <CR> at passwd

        --              Full Unix service.  Money for access. 
        --              $15.50/month ($17.50 for invoiced billing)
        --              (408) 241-9760/9794 (San Jose, CA) and
        --              (415) 424-0131 (Palo Alto, CA).

Nyx BBS                 new

        --              Full news feed, Local downloads, 
        --              shell access (with validation), 
        --              and Ftp.  It is a completely free
        --              public access Unix system run by
        --              the University of Denver's Math
        --              and Computer Science Department.
        --              Sysop: Prof. Andrew Burt.  The system 
        --              is run by donations on a donated Pyramid
        --              90x with a homebrew menuing system

        --              Lots of files, unix shell with registration.
        --              Telnet access limited for now, but should be
        --              getting a faster system soon.

Olajier                   Olajier <passwd Olajier>

        --              Capitals are important for both the login
        --              and passwd.  This BBS is at Imperial College
        --              in London.

OuluBox (Finnish)          box

        --              Can set English as prefered language,
        --              said to switch to Finnish at the most
        --              inconvenient time.  IRC

        --              Contains boards and files.  As mentioned
        --              above, just when you get to the good stuff
        --              it goes Finnish on you.  

The Picayune          20
        --     or for slower speeds

        --              North Dakota Higher Education Computer Network.
        --              limited net news, file areas, tetris online, local
        --              email.

        --              a 386 running unix, 2 80 meg drives, 600 users
        --              give or take a few.

        --              courtesy(sp) of Marshal Perlman.
        --              cool welcome screen.  

Quartz                  Quartz.Rutgers.Edu      bbs             Citadel
        --              Rooms/Boards.  This system is extremely active
        --              and the messages move very quickly, so don't
        --              be too suprised at the rate of response to posts
        --              and you can get left behind very easily.

        --              Suggest MUD to chat.
Samba North Carolina             bbs             Modified XBBS
        --              (919)-962-9911

        --              offers vi, emacs, rn, NEWS, MAIL
        --              local messaging, SIGS, Conferencing
        --              Files (Kermit/FTP), & INFO
        --              limited NewsFeed.

Softwords COSY         cosy            Cosy

        --              Very friendly with good discussions, but 9600
        --              baud connection is a pain.

SpaceLink BBS 

        --              NASA news, educational materials, ask-a-NASA-
        --              person service?

TriState Online           visitor         FreeNetIII

        --              new FreeNet site.

Virginia Tech Cosy                       cosyreg 
        --                bbs (for list)

        --              Virginia Tech Conferencing System.  Offers
        --              local conferencing, up to date listing of local
        --              BBS's and read only Usenet NEWS.  Tons of Messages.
        --              No files.

Youngstown Free-Net             visitor

The World                new

        --              Public access Unix system.  19.2, 96, 24, & 12
        --              hundred baud modem connections.  3 GB disk
        --              storage.  CompuServe Packet Network access.
        --              and SLIP connection up to T1.
        --              signup, dial 617-739-WRLD, type new.  basic
        --              rates are $2/hr 24 hrs/day and $5 monthly fee.
        --              20/20 plan, $20 for 20 hrs, including monthly
        --              fee.  Also available from Compuserve Packet
        --              Network.  $5.60 surcharge is added to monthly 
        --              bill.  Further info at [email protected]

        --              Email to Internet, UUCP, BITNET, CSNET, EUNET,
        --              JANET, JUNET, Fidonet, BIX, Compuserve, Applelink
        --              and MCImail.
        --              USENET, ClariNet, Electronic Mailing Lists, 
        --              Chatting, Unix Software, GNU Software, Games,
        --              Online Book Initiative, AlterNet Acces, Internet.


        The following is a list of useful services that most
        BBS'ers are interested in.  I have not checked any of
        these except Archie.  If you have more info about 
        these or if you know of other to add, please mail
        me: [email protected]  I will make the
        changes and post the list again.  Enjoy. :-)


Service                 Address                 Login           

Archie             archie
        --      archie-client sites. 

        --              Archie is the easiest, fastest, and most convienent
        --              way to find files available via anonymous FTP.  The
        --              archie-client sites are sites that are used for  
        --              archie front ends to query info, the 
        --     is the original archie site, and
        --              you can telnet to and use this archie without a client,
        --              although the client is much simpler to use and 
        --              easier on the server. 

DDN Network Information Center

        --              TACNEWS, WHOIS Server, NIC  This site is not nearly
        --              as useful as the NIS server listed below.

FTP Mail                write mail to [email protected]
        --              reply <MAILADDR>        
        --                      set reply addr, since headers are usually wrong
        --              connect [HOST [USER [PASS]]]  
        --                      defaults to, anonymous 
        --                      ascii files grabbed are printable ascii
        --                      binary files grabbed are compressed or tar 
        --                      or both
        --              chdir PLACE
        --                      "get" and "ls" commands are relative to PLACE
        --                      (only one CHDIR per ftpmail session)
        --              compress
        --                      compress binaries using Lempel-Ziv encoding
        --              compact
        --                      compress binaries using Huffman encoding
        --              uuencode
        --                      binary files will be mailed in uuencode 
        --                      format
        --              btoa
        --                      binary files will be mailed in btoa format
        --              ls (or dir) PLACE
        --                      short (long) directory listing
        --              get FILE
        --                      get a file and have it mailed to you
        --              quit
        --                      terminate script, ignore rest of mail message
        --                      (use if you have a .signature or
        --                      are a VMSMAIL user)
        --              you must give a "connect" command, default host is
        --    , default user is anonymous, default
        --              password is your mail address.
        --              binary files will not be compressed unless 'compress' 
        --              or 'compact'
        --              command is given; use this if at all possible, it 
        --              helps a lot.
        --              binary files will always be formatted into printable
        --              ASCII with "btoa" or "uuencode" (default is "btoa").
        --              all retrieved files will be split into 60KB chunks and
        --              mailed.
        --              VMS/DOS/Mac versions of uudecode, atob, compress and 
        --              compact are available, ask your LOCAL wizard about 
        --              them if you can't locate them (but try 
        --     in /archive/pub/VMS if you're 
        --              still trapped on a VMS system.)
        --              several mail unsplitters are hiding on 
        --     in /pub/mail/ua/misc/unsplit.
        --              includes one in c, one in perl, and one in VMS DCL.
        --              >>> examples:
        --              -> connect to and get a root 
        --              directory listing:
        --                      connect
        --                      ls
        --                      quit
        --              -> connect to and get the 
        --              README.ftp file:
        --                      connect
        --                      get README.ftp
        --                      quit
        --              -> connect to and get the 
        --              gnuemacs sources:
        --                      connect
        --                      binary
        --                      chdir /pub/GNU
        --                      get emacs-18.57.tar.Z
        --                      quit
        --              -> connect to as anonymous and get a 
        --              root directory list:
        --                      connect
        --                      dir
        --                      quit

GeoServer      3000
        --     3000

        --              Provides information by city or area code.  This
        --              infomation includes population, longitude and
        --              latitude, elevation, and various other information.

IRC Client    

        --              Internet Relay Chat access.  Not all IRC commands are
        --              supported.  IRC is similar to the chat system on
        --              Pirate BBS's but much more powerful. IRC has channels,
        --              which you join to join a discussion, or you can create
        --              your own to discuss whatever you like.  These sessions
        --              are very informal, and topics can stay quickly.

Library Systems         ->FTP<-

        --              This site contains a huge, 100-150
        --              page, guide to internet libraries.
        --              The file is under the library 
        --              directory.  Send thanks and responses
        --              to Billy Barron, [email protected]

Lyric Server            ->FTP<-
        --              these files are available via
        --              anonymous ftp.  This is not
        --              really a telnetable service, but
        --              it is nice to know about so I 
        --              included it.

National Ham Radio Call-Sign Callbook
        --     2000
        --              marvin.cs.Buffalo.Edu 2000

        --              I am very impressed with this service,
        --              I have figured out the problem.  The 
        --              name listing did not include the port
        --              number.  This should clear up any problems
        --              with this site.

        --              Also, if this site hangs at you commands
        --              try hitting enter again.  it seems to work
        --              fine other than that.

        --              any problems should be reported to 
        --              [email protected] as well as to myself.

NCSU Services       INFO or PUBLIC

Network Information Service (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
        --     117
        --    , 117
        --    , 117
        --     117
        --     117 
OCEANIC                   OCEANIC

        --              Ocean info center, from the U. of 
        --              Delaware.  Contains technical and
        --              scientific info on oceanic research.
        --              DOS software for viewing oceanographic
        --              graphics.
        --              type <$> to logout (no brackets).
Slugnet chat system
        --    , 2727

        --              sorta like IRC

UM-Weather Service 3000
        --     3000

        --              This site offers City/State forecasts in most of the
        --              major cities.  You can also get ski reports and
        --              earthquake reports.  Very complete service.

Vatech Central Branching Exchange

        --              Access to all local on-campus boards.
        --              these boards have messages, files, etc.

        --              to get to the Dream World BBS, type
        --              C 26964, and hit enter a couple o times.

WAIS server           wais
        --              info at <<ftp server>

        --              Wide Area Information Service.  Gives access to online
        --              documents.  More info can be obtained from
        --              via anonymous ftp.

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