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The ALTEXXANET project provides access to legacy Internet based services for both nostalgia purposes and to allow older computers to access software archives. The ALTEXXANET servers are maintained by Altexxa Group with software/document/image content provided by Higher Intellect ( The official ALTEXXANET site is located here.


You should be able to access the ALTEXXANET Gopher server in one of two ways. For early browsers with built-in Gopher support (or any other Gopher client), navigate to gopher:// For modern web browsers, you can view the Gopher server over HTTP by using


ALTEXXANET runs two anonymous FTP servers. We find FTP to be a convenient way to transfer files to older computing platforms.

FTP client


ALTEXXANET runs a news server independent from the more common Usenet servers. There is a small selection of available news groups for reading and posting. Point your news client at news:// to connect.

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