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ARK Logic

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Founded in 1993 and produced 2D/3D graphics components until 1999.

ARK Logic is a leading provider of integrated 2D and 3D graphics/video accelerators for Personal Computers. Since being founded in early 1993, ARK Logic has introduced a series of industry leading graphics accelerators. Our technology has been incorporated in products from Diamond Multimedia, Hercules and a large number of overseas manufacturers. All design and development is performed at our San Jose facilities. ARK has enjoyed early financial success and is further supported by its majority share holder Integrated Circuit Systems (NASDAQ: ICST). ARK Logic is otherwise privately held.

ARK Logic is member of the PCI Special Interest Group and of the Video Electronics Standard Association, developers of the PCI local bus, the latest hit in computing machinery architecture, and the VESA BIOS Extension standard, respectively.

Our Engineering Knights at ARK logic are engaged in the pursuit of highest quality 2D/3D rendering and video. We design and manufacture 2D and 3D multimedia rendering chips for the PC marketplace. Our Corporate Fabless manufacturing model allows us to ride the crest of latest Semiconductor Technology development. Our Value added is our robust design expertise, 2D and 3D Technology expertise, and our tightly coupled and efficient software. We offer our customer an integrated systems solution for multimedia. This includes silicon, software and reference board design.