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*[[AT&T Safari 3181]]
*[[AT&T Safari 3181]]
*[[AT&T Safari 3182]]
*[[AT&T Safari 3182]]
*[[AT&T Safari D250]] Series
*[[AT&T Safari 250]] Series

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The AT&T DS Docking Station was a re-branded NEC VersaDock II Docking Station aimed at AT&T/NCR's Safari and Globalyst D250 laptop models, with focus on the Globalyst. It is IDENTICAL internally to the NEC OP-560-4701 VersaDock II docking station - and was compatible with the following latpops..



Technical Details

The AT&T DS Docking Station was a full-featured docking station consisting of the following identical specifications to the NEC VersaDock II...

  • LPX Desktop-style chassis design
  • 2x ISA Slots
  • 1x RS-232C Serial Port
  • 1x Parallel LPT Port
  • 1x PS/2 Mouse Port
  • 1x PS/2 Keyboard Port
  • 1x Headphone Jack
  • 1x Line-In/microphone Jack
  • Detachable Monitor Stand
  • Capability of selecting between Laptop or Dock Floppy Drive as the primary
  • up to two slimline 5.25" devices and 1 half height 5.25" device (ie 1.2/1.44/CD-ROM)
  • Internal provision for a 3.5" IDE Hard Disk Drive