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AT&T Globalyst 250

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The AT&T Globalyst 250 is a PC compatible laptop based on the intel 80486 and Intel Pentium processors (depending on submodel). It's actually a re-branded NEC Versa M/100 (250) or NEC Versa P/75 (250-P) model, sharing the same circuitry and features as those laptops, but with the AT&T/NCR 2-tone dark/light gray and turquoise color scheme. NEC made laptops for NCR/AT&T's higher end model lines up until 1996. Samsung made lower end models.

Technical Details

The specifications depended on the submodel of Globalyst 250 you purchased. There was a 486-based version, and then the 250-P shown here which was based on the NEC Versa P/75 model.

  • 486 DX4-100 (SL Standard) CPU (250), or Pentium 75MHz CPU (250-P, shown)
  • 8MB of RAM Standard expandable to 40MB with 4, 8, 12, 16, 32MB NEC Versa RAM Expansion Cards
  • Removable 1.44MB Floppy Drive that could be exchanged with a second battery for longer mobile uptime or other modules compatible with the NEC Versa M and P series laptops.
  • 2x PCMCIA Type II Expansion Slots, also usable as a single Type III, Cirrus Chipset
  • 44 Pin 2.5" User Upgradable Hard Disk modules in 320, 540, and 810MB Capacities
  • C&T 65545 1MB SVGA Chipset and LCD Controller
  • Crystal CS-4231-KQ Windows Sound System compatible Audio (486-based 250)
  • ESS 688 AudioDrive SoundBlaster compatible audio with FM (250P Only)
  • Multiple detachable screen options

As these were rebranded NEC Versa, they also carried over the removable screen feature from the Versa and are compatible with those screens. There may have been as many as four or more options for screen, listed below.

  • 9.4" Kyocera DTSN LCD Panel w/ Brightness & Contrast Sliders, 640x480p
  • 9.4" NEC NL6448AC30-10 Active Matrix TFT Color Display, 640x480p
  • 9.4" NEC NL8060AC24-01 Active Matrix TFT Color Display, 800x600p
  • 10.4" NEC NL8060AC26-01 Active MAtrix TFT Color Display, 800x600p (Shown, 250-P)

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