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AT&T Safari

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The original AT&T Safari was a intel 80386 SX based notebook computer released in 1991. It was basically a rebranded Samsung Notemaster 386S/20 featuring the brighter gray and teal accents as usual per products rebranded from Samsung and NEC for AT&T/NCR (NCR was owned by AT&T at the time). It was also marketed as the AT&T Safari NSX/20.

Technical Details

  • Dual NiCad Battery Packs for up to 3 hours and 56 minutes of run-time
  • Intel 80386 SX 20MHz CPU
  • 2MB of RAM on-board expandable with 2 and 4 MB memory expansion packs
  • Enhanced APM that also limits the CPU to 2MHz to save power
  • 1.44MB FLoppy Disk Drive
  • 40 or 80MB HDD, 2.5" PATA
  • VGA Graphics, Monochrome Screen