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AT&T Safari 3181

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The AT&T Safari 3181 was a re-badged version of the NEC Versa 50E - a 50MHz intel 80486 based convertible laptop computer. It differed from the Versa in that it had a light gray screen bezel, light gray keyboard bezel, and foam green buttons and sliders vs. NEC's mostly dark gray chassis with blue accents. It was likely the first model branded AT&T instead of NCR as AT&T bought out NCR in 1993, right as the previous NCR Safari 3180 was released.

Technical Details[edit]

Just like the NEC Versa 50E, the AT&T Safari 3151 features the same specifications...

  • Intel 486 DX2 SL 50MHz CPU
  • 4MB of RAM on-board, Expandable to 20MB using 4/8/12/16MB Memory Cards
  • Phoenix BIOS
  • 1.44MB 3.5" Removable Floppy Drive, swappable for an extra battery
  • Hard Drives in 124MB, 250MB, and 325MB Capacities
  • Western Digital WDC90C24 1MB SVGA Video with a choice of three screens
    • 9.4" 640x480p DSTN Monochrome LCD
    • 9.4" 640x480p Active Matrix Color LCD
    • Both screens above may have been available with 3M MicroTouch w/Pen as well
  • 2x PCMCIA Type II Expansion Slots
  • 7.2V NiMH 3400 mAH battery boasting up to 3.5 Hours runtime maximum, 7.5 hours with 2
  • new, smaller, power supply, just like the Versa E