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* [[Links LS]]
* [[Links LS]]
* [[The Pandora Directive]]
=See Also=
=See Also=

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Access Software was founded in 1982 and acquired by Microsoft in 1999.

Access Software Inc. was founded in 1982 under the direction of Bruce Carver, company president and C.E.O. The Commodore 64 personal computer era helped launch Access Software into the home software industry. Demand for adequate software programs generated by an increasing number of home computers, inspired the Access founders to begin programming utility and game software. As the demand for larger, more realistic game software increased, the company's programming staff began devoting more of their attention toward that industry. Providing the end user with an outstanding gaming experience has been the primary goal of the company since the beginning. Outside sources currently rate Access Software's technical support department number one in the computer game industry. Access Software has won many awards for their game software, from "OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING" 1984 C.E.S. for BEACH-HEAD to the coveted SPA awards for LINKS 386 PRO and UNDER A KILLING MOON. Awards have been received for outstanding technical achievement in sound and graphics in addition to recognition for story content and play-ability. By providing our customers with positive technical support and outstanding game experiences, Access Software has continued to grow with the computer entertainment industry.

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have grown from six employees in 1982 to having over 110 employees today. We do game software development for both DOS and Macintosh platforms. Our games include golf simulations (Links386, LinksLS, Microsoft Golf, etc.) and Virtual World Adventures, sometimes called interactive movie adventures (Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive, etc.). Access Software products are available in most major software stores through-out North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and to a limited degree in Japan and the Far East.


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