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Adam Hinkley Chat Transcript 1

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        hinks:  don't bother msging me, put it in the chat
        hinks:  and wait a bit till ppl log back on
         Zini:  message ME your questions.
         Zini:  What are your views on ilesa software, kickbot and infinatracker?
        hinks:  oh ok, moderated now? :)
        hinks:  I was wondering why it was so quite :)
        hinks:  quiet
         Zini:  hehe
        hinks:  ilesa software - they can do what they want, I don't care either way
        hinks:  should we repeat any questions ?  some probably got lost in the riot before...
         Zini:  yeah
         Zini:  let me know if there is a repeat
         Zini:  I can't possibly keep tracker.
         Zini:  hinks, did you know there was an errer when a folder holds to many files the file names are invisible?
        hinks:  when any scrolling box in hotline exceeds 32767 pixels (a QuickDraw limit), it goes blank.  This will be fixed
        hinks:  with the chat window, you can make it wider or choose a smaller font size
        hinks:  this will reduce the total height of the chat and bring you under the 32767 limit
        hinks:  I know it's annoying, it will be fixed properly in a future release
        hinks:  also, in the latest as yet unreleased client, you can option-click the chat button to clear the chat
         Zini:  ready for another?
         Zini:  actually..
        hinks:  go
         Zini:  before we entertain all these mostly technical quetsions.
         Zini:  why don't we talk about this FTP software.
         Zini:  you guys are doing just the server?
         Zini:  or just client?
         Zini:  or both?
        hinks:  yes it's just a server, no client, and there never will be
        hinks:  the only reason I wrote the server is because I needed a good FTP server to run on a PC here :)
        hinks:  and unlike mac you can't just pickup a good FTP server...
        hinks:  so I wrote one
         Zini:  any plans on implemented accounts...
        hinks:  for the FTP server?  never.
         Zini:  right now there are no good FTP servers out there.
         Zini:  for Mac.
         Zini:  Rumpus sux and the other ones do too.
         Zini:  could you include access into the Users & Groups database at least?
        hinks:  yeah but if you think rumpus sux you should see what is available on the PC side :)
         Zini:  so this is cross-platform.....
        hinks:  yes this FTP server is available for both mac and pc
        hinks:  so far has been tested with
        hinks:  anarchie
        hinks:  fetch
        hinks:  NS4 mac
        hinks:  IE4 mac
        hinks:  IE4 win
        hinks:  IE3 win
        hinks:  and appropriate changes made to support those browsers
        hinks:  (the damn things don't like following the standard)
         Zini:  aha
         Zini:  ok..
        hinks:  accounts will be never be implemented into the FTP server simply because you should be using hotline if you want that level of sophistication :)
         Zini:  ok.
         Zini:  namechanges are going to be kicked very soon.
         Zini:  stop now please.
         Zini:  hinks, sounds good.
         Zini:  is it going to be free?
        hinks:  most likely
         Zini:  kewl!
        hinks:  or if not, it'll be something next-to-free like you get it for free if you purchase hotline server
         Zini:  One thing that that mockup does not show, 'cause I thought of it when DM complained about the icons being too large, is that to only show the icon if the chat line is long enough to wrap and make enough space for itÉ
        hinks:  but most likely will be completely free
         Zini:  that up there was a question from a user.
         Zini:  I can't remember who
        hinks:  to use it you just put whatever files you want into the Files folder, start the app up, and that's it, you have an FTP server for anonymous/guest access
        hinks: is running it right now (albeit an old version with a few bugs)
         Zini:  cool.
         Zini:  I'm sure everybody right now is going to go check it out.
         Zini:  if we all login, maybe we can crash it!
         Zini:  ok, next question (since the first didn't make any sense):
        hinks:  can't exactly comment about that chat mockup, haven't had a chance to examine it yet
         Zini:  what has already been implemented in the next Mac version of the Hotline server and client?
        hinks:  security fixes
        hinks:  such as auto-kick and ban if you spam the chat
        hinks:  boffo are running this currently
        hinks:  you spam, you get auto-banned :)
        hinks:  also it's now next to impossible to break in on private chats
        hinks:  plus there are a number of other bug fixes
         Zini:  when will we got a copy?
         Zini:  ;)
         Zini:  us poor foolz. :-)
        hinks:  soon (as always :), I want to finalize a few more things with the PC version so that the two versions match
         Zini:  next question:  1) Is HL SW doing an offical port of HL to the BeOS
         Zini:  2) Will be be in trouble for doing our port?
        hinks:  1) no
        hinks:  2) that's a tough one
         Zini:  2 i think says "Will we be in trouble" not be be...  cuz be be be on the beos just gotta be be all that be be.
        hinks:  certainly don't expect that we will not do our own version just because you've already done one
        hinks:  currently our position in regards to BeOS and rhapsody is they're not popular enough yet to warrant the time required to make versions for those platforms
        hinks:  however if they do become popular, a version for that platform is guaranteed
         Zini:  ready for next?
        hinks:  alternatively if we get payed ;)
        hinks:  (to do a version)
        hinks:  next
         Zini:  Hinks> can we expect to see wildcard bnas or permabans anytime in the future?
         Zini:  hehe
         Zini:  I can answer that
         Zini:  :-)
        hinks:  allow/disallow ban with subnet mask is on the To Do list, but we'd rather do more exciting features first like the new news
        hinks:  subnet mask? huh?   call it a wildcard, close enough
         Zini:  hhe..  we all wanna ban AOL that's all. :-)
        hinks:  by "allow" I mean only allowing a certain range of IP addresses onto your server
        hinks:  this is good for companys where you only want people from the LAN being able to access an internal company server
         Zini:  let me know when you're ready for another
        hinks:  the opposite is the "disallow", where by default everyone is allowed except for the addresses specified
        hinks:  next
    Questions:  is there any plans to incorperate features similar to infina tracker into hotline client?
        hinks:  yes there have always been plans to incorporate features such as better support for multiple trackers, and this is before infinatracker existed, however I think most people will agree the new news is more exciting than anything infinatracker-like features has to offer
        hinks:  next
    Questions:  Hinks do you like SpeedRacer?
        hinks:  what is it?
         Zini:  haha
        hinks:  guess that answers that question :)
         Zini:  it's this jap-cartoon.
         Zini:  it rules.
         Zini:  Fooled asked that one btw.
         Zini:  :-)
        hinks:  oh I think I saw a mov of that
        hinks:  the one where the japanese kiddies were going into shock therapy after seeing it?
        hinks:  :)
    Questions:  how about colouring chat messages red when they are from a red admin.. (otherwise hard to tell authenticity in chat)
        hinks:  one of the things I will be doing, probably after the new news, is a multistyle text engine, and then you will see multiple styles EVERYWHERE, chat, private messages, news, you name it
        hinks:  so if you want your chat color-coded that will be a possibility
         Zini:  I find it silly.
         Zini:  :-)
        hinks:  I'm also planning on supporting things like embedded objects
        hinks:  eg pictures
        hinks:  drag & drop a picture into your news message :)
         Zini:  especiialy since I like setting up my own colors and stuff in chat.
        hinks:  there could be an option to override any colors other users use...
         Zini:  then people might be red, but I have all my chat text or my bg color set to red.  OH nooo! :-)
         Zini:  the more options and colors and settings, the more code, the more ram, the more cpu, the slower Hotline.
         Zini:  :-)
         Zini:  I'm thinking the knight with the grail who says "you must choose, but choose wisely"
        hinks:  a multistyle text engine would not really add much bloat
         Zini:  that's hinks when he looks at his Todo list.
         Zini:  hehe.
         Zini:  ok, ready for another?
        hinks:  yep
    Questions:  Q: will there ever be a waay to attempt to/join a private chat *without* being invited?
        hinks:  presuming you mean as in public chat rooms, that's definitely a possibility
        hinks:  next
    Questions:  What about password-level security. Everyone knows that the encryption used in passwords is low-duty  and easyly decryptable. will this be fixed soon?
        hinks:  I'm planning on redoing the accounts system and one of the features would be that even a trojan horse would not be able to read anything from the accounts database while the server is running
        hinks:  ofcourse due to the terrible security in MacOS (and windoze for that matter), trojans can still do nasty things unrelated to hotline, such as deleting files, so you've got to be careful
        hinks:  however, with the new account system, they will _not_ be able to read your account info while the server is running
         Zini:  next?
        hinks:  I'm also considering a new secure login
    Questions:  ok.
    Questions:  hrm.
        hinks:  where even if you completely understood how it worked, and you managed to capture someones password as it was sent to the server, you would not be able to use it to login
         Zini:  hehe
         Zini:  I'm getting lost in my clients.
         Zini:  ok.
         Zini:  let's take a quick poll in the chat.
        hinks:  next q
         Zini:  hang on.
         Zini:  let's try something new.
         Zini:  how many people would find a secure login usefull
         Zini:  speak up in the chat in about 5 seconds.
        hinks:  heh
        hinks:  HLGT
         Zini:  haha
        hinks:  that's fixed
         Zini:  NUTS
        hinks:  in the latest server
         Zini:  hinks
        hinks:  you get autokicked if you do that in the latest server
         Zini:  didn't I ask you something earlier.
         Zini:  ok.
         Zini:  let's try this again.
Fooled As You:  I would
    -Brandon-:  I would
        -Phk-:  not me!
      bbanzai:  Secure login would be *great*.
Chemikal (ele:  i would
         riDD:  me
      djocyko:  not me
      ²Ryan³ :  me too
         Koma:  not ,e
          AJS:  not me
        dave :  d
tonyhÇnevermi:  not i
    BlackFly :  me
Digital Disas:  I would like secure logins
FORT´oz [BeHL:  that would suck!
         Koma:  me
Digital Disas:  8-)
bmanª © 1997 :  that was cute
         riDD:  not me
     Mad Macz:  me
     WiteDeth:  i dont give a damn honestly
         Koma:  not me
     ·£ p”Mpñ:  noy me
         ¤kaª:  wtf happened to my login
        -Phk-:  who needs it?
       korben:  that rocked
        dave :  hi everyone
Digital Disas:  da da daÉ
  ¡MacAddict :  yes
        Zurie:  whats a secure login :)
         riDD:  me
      bbanzai:  pleez
    Herodotus:  I would like secure logins
  ¡MacAddict :  hey hinx
Aaron (unmode:  spam
       avatar:  good idea
-CodeToad-[In:  Hinks>
         Zini:  ok.
         Zini:  that worked nicelly.
         Zini:  :-)
    Questions:  how about the option of forced queing on server side???
        hinks:  so 50/50 :)
         Zini:  so is nickchanging
         Zini:  please stop guys.
        hinks:  force queuing - NEVER!  But don't worry, I am planning on adding server-side queuing, which would solve your force queuing problem
         Zini:  the chat thing was an expiriement, and it worked nicelly.
        hinks:  next q ?
         Zini:  ok.
        hinks:  zini - how bout turning name changing off
         Zini:  I need another ML admin to help out here.
         Zini:  yeah hinks, that would be good.
        hinks:  no I mean do it now
        hinks:  in the account setup
        hinks:  Can Change Name
        hinks:  oops
        hinks:  I mean Can Use Any Name
         Zini:  now anybody who tries to change their name gets shafted.
         Zini:  :-)
         Zini:  into the Macline Guest zone.
         Zini:  :-)
        hinks:  next q ?
    Questions:  can you ask hinks why is cooperating with groups like the HHH?
        hinks:  can you rephrase that in grammer that makes sense?
         Zini:  hrm...
         Zini:  let me thing.
         Zini:  I have no idea.
         Zini:  hehe
         Zini:  next question
    Questions:  cached icons soon?
        hinks:  as in custom icons in the user list?  it's a possibility but again I think people would rather see the new news system first
    Questions:  What's the "new news" gonna be like?
         Zini:  ooooh, good one.
        hinks:  for starters, each message will be in a separate window
        hinks:  this allows you bigger messages
        hinks:  as well as a much larger volume of news
        hinks:  the current news system falls apart for large amounts of news
        hinks:  when showing the news, it will come up with a list of newsgroups
         Zini:  sweet!
        hinks:  then you double-click a newsgroup and that shows a list of messages
        hinks:  with subject
        hinks:  sender
        hinks:  date
        hinks:  etc
         Zini:  oh boy, this is intense!
        hinks:  then you double-click a message and it shows you the contents of the message
        hinks:  which you can reply to or whatever
        hinks:  if you've seen NewsWatcher there are some good ideas there
        hinks:  it's not going to be exactly like NewsWatcher but the general concept
         Zini:  ready?
        hinks:  so basically I hope I see a lot more servers poppping up devoted to news
        hinks:  and with the new news, people will be able to have real discussions - something you certainly can't do with the current news system
        hinks:  people also might prefer it over mailing lists
        hinks:  at least you wouldn't get any "please remove me" messages :)
        hinks:  (if you don't want to read it anymore, well you just don't go to that server anymore!)
        hinks:  next q
    Questions:  What is the future of Hotline? How do you think it will be implemented for most people? What will be the major market and soulution it offers?
        hinks:  Hotline offers a variety of solutions
        hinks:  there's not really one particular area
        hinks:  already hotline has file transfer, chat, private chat, messaging and (albeit basic) news
        hinks:  and ofcourse there's netscrawl
        hinks:  the internet whiteboard
         Zini:  and as we saw with the FTP, development is spontaneous...
        hinks:  so we're trying to cover a number of popular areas
         Zini:  whatever comes out of your crazy minds, you guys whip up in code.
        hinks:  development gets faster and faster
         Zini:  and the primordial vessel is still Hotline! :-)
        hinks:  what takes time is writing something the first time for a new OS
         Zini:  is that why the PC version is taking so long?
        hinks:  as you know, it's taken time to get the PC version going (but it's starting to look really good now!)
        hinks:  but once the PC version is completely finalized (not long now), development of both versions will go at an amazing rate
        hinks:  (as you saw with the FTP server, it basically popped out of nowhere)
         Zini:  at this point in time would you care to go into the technicalities that allow you to develop so quickly?
         Zini:  but it takes long to start with a new OS...
        hinks:  well, the first time you do a new OS you have to ring up Microsoft all the time and pay 95 bucks for each incident
        hinks:  usually because the documentation is terrible
         Zini:  lol.
        hinks:  or non-existant
         Zini:  unless you want to spend 3 hours on their website.
        hinks:  and 2.5 hours of that is trying to get it to work
        hinks:  their website doesn't even work on PCs!
         Zini:  lol
        hinks:  hmm maybe because I have cookies and java turned off :)
         Zini:  and ActiveX
        hinks:  that too
         Zini:  and ASP.
         Zini:  hehe.
         Zini:  random:
         Zini:  that's why they assimilated Hotmail.
         Zini:  prepare for Hotmail to suck.
         Zini:  they assimilated the Dell Store.
        hinks:  what, you mean it didn't already??
        hinks:  :)
         Zini:  it used to run on WebOvjects...
         Zini:  OVJECTS!
         Zini:  :-)
         Zini:  and they gave Dell free support for ASP
         Zini:  and the dellstore is slow and buggy now.
         Zini:  and their doing the same with Hotmail.
         Zini:  Hotmail will soon be using ASP
         Zini:  :-)
        hinks:  hotmail sucked anyway :)
         Zini:  it's a great idea, bad implementation
         Zini:  sucked over by advertising.
 *** hinks agrees
         Zini:  next question?
        hinks:  yep
    Questions:  explain the hoozyurdaddy thing
        hinks:  well, hoozyurdaddy is a 12 character word beginning with H
        hinks:  and ending in Y
        hinks:  it also has some shocking spelling mistakes
        hinks:  next q? :)
    Questions:  Will there be a private news section (a kind of email) where the msg is stored on the server for that person, loaded upon signon?
        hinks:  being able to give different accounts different access to different newsgroups is a planned feature for the new news
        hinks:  next
    Questions:  is threaded news gonna be in any version to come?
        hinks:  that's the new news
    Questions:  is threaded news gonna be in any version to come?
    Questions:  jjeje
    Questions:  oops
    Questions:  :-0
    Questions:  when can we expect a new Mac Hotline Version
    Questions:  I think that's been talked about too.
    Questions:  hehe
    Questions:  hang on.
    Questions:  Hinks> How about the hole where the user can packet sniff the server and get all logging in users passwords and logins by decoding them(and looking hard). Is working being done to fix this?
        hinks:  you can expect a new mac and pc version at the same time a while after the PC version is finalized (it's at b6 currently, b7 will probably be the latest beta)
 *** Zini kicks "Questions"
        hinks:  you can't packet sniff a server unless it is running on the same LAN as you, and if it was, wouldn't it be easier just to walk up to the machine running it?
         Zini:  that's how ror figured out the protocol.
         Zini:  he packetsniffed his own LAN.
         Zini:  :-)
         Zini:  or something to that extent.
        hinks:  next q
    Questions:  "  hinks:  also, in the latest as yet unreleased client, you can option-click the chat button to clear the chat"
    Questions:  whoa, does that mean you can hit cmd-opt-h to clear it?  i dont use a toolbar
        hinks:  no, but that's a good idea, I might add it
         Zini:  people keep askin' about downloading entire folders.
         Zini:  wassup w/ dat?
        hinks:  yes a number of times I would liked to have been able to download an entire folder
        hinks:  it's definitely something higher up on the To Do list
        hinks:  however there a few things that have to be thought about
        hinks:  for example, if a file in the folder gets deleted/moved/renamed/etc while the folder is being copied
        hinks:  it can certainly be done, it's just a matter of sorting those little things out
        hinks:  next q
    Questions:  How about a Hotline Comm system-wide TCP wrapper?
        hinks:  that would do what?
         Zini:  hehe.
         Zini:  I dunno.
         Zini:  speak up oh asked one.
         Zini:  (msg me)
         Zini:  oh well.
         Zini:  next?
        hinks:  go
         Zini:  hang on.
         Zini:  TCP wrapper:
         Zini:  a TCP wrapper that allows Hotline to work over appletalk
         Zini:  alos:
         Zini:  If you're familiar w/ a unix system, a tcp wrapper is basically a allow/deny connection thing for the whole networking stack
        hinks:  aside from the fact that appletalk completely sucks and why the hell would you want to use it, there are already products available for putting IP over AT  (eg VICOM Internet Gateway and some others)
        hinks:  next
    Questions:  What is your view on the use of military force against Iraq?
         Zini:  :-)
        hinks:  dammit bush, why the hell didn't you wipe him out when you had the chance??  :)
    Questions:  please ask hinks if he has heard of krylon, and ask what he plans to do about it?
        hinks:  what is it?
         Zini:  speak up if you know what it is.
 *** Zini starts counting down from 10 in his head
         Zini:  It's a miracle fabric by DuPont.
         Zini:  krylon is a disk access format
         Zini:  kyrlon is a spray on paint
         Zini:  in a can
         Zini:  hehe tis a bot that sleeps with your momma
         Zini:  hrm.
         Zini:  I don't know what to make of all this.
         Zini:  next?
        hinks:  yeah :)
    Questions:  Will Hotline ever be on store shelves do you think?
        hinks:  we've already been approached by various retailers who want to put it on the shelf
        hinks:  so yes
    Questions:  what do you think of fooled bot?
        hinks:  haven't had a chance to check it out fully yet but I've heard it's good
    Questions:  Is there any way to incorporate contextual menus into Hotline? Now that would be cool.
        hinks:  as a matter of fact, I was think of getting rid of all of the buttons on the users window, files, tasks etc and using context menus
        hinks:  context menus with icons
        hinks:  (the same icons as on the buttons currently)
        hinks:  and remove items from the menus that the user doesn't have access to
        hinks:  (eg disconnect users etc)
    Questions:  comment:I think that one of the reasons that hotline is such a good program is that it isn't overzealeous on it's features, it's not crowded
 *** hinks is glad he put the anti-spam protection in on the chat invite, :P to the person involved 
    Questions:  From Chem>
    Questions:  Will the new news have some type of Òoffline readingÓ system, much like FirstClass has had since v3.5?
        hinks:  exactly, by getting rid of the buttons it would be even less crowded
    Questions:  Will newer hotline servers keep track of users in on file instead of multiple folders?
        hinks:  offline reading is definitely a possibility, but  probably not for the first version
        hinks:  yes, one file
        hinks:  one account database
         Zini:  hehe, I think I suggested that a while back too.
         Zini:  hey, check this out:
         Zini:  why is hinks cooperating with groups like the HHH? {hotline hackers}
         Zini:  (there's the grammer fix)
        hinks:  what is HHH and what exactly do you mean by "cooperating"?
         Zini:  hehe
         Zini:  I think that proves you're not working with them on anything.
        hinks:  why would I be??
    Questions:  Please explain once and for all why user-selectable user list colors (a la a color picker) won't work, presuming User Level colors are implemented
        hinks:  it's a stupid question :)
        hinks:  that was discussed on the hotline users mailing list
    Questions:  will hlcomm be accepting behl as the official hotline for be if a good job is done on it?
        hinks:  no I meant the HHH was a stupid question
    Questions:  oh
    Questions:  :P
    Questions:  just gimme a "next" when you want anotha
        hinks:  basically what was decided on the users mailing list was that more colors are needed than just red, and each color needs a meaning, and there can't be too many colors or people won't remember the meaning of each color
        hinks:  also the color would be controlled by the server admins
        hinks:  not by users as are icons for example
        hinks:  the only official hotline products are products written by hotline communications
        hinks:  regardless of how good a job is done on it
         Zini:  ok, ready for a big one hinks?
        hinks:  and the number of times I have heard people say they are going to do a version for BeOS or OS whatever and nothing happens of it....
         Zini:  this is from one ore the "l33t" priate boyz...
        hinks:  go
         Zini:  after this I'm taking no new questions...
         Zini:  Hinks, about 95% of all Hotline users do some sort of pirating over Hotline, do you find this as some sort of problem?  On web pages that speak about "warez" they mention to get started, just get Hotline.  If you were to put Hotline on the shelves, I would think it would be a bad thing for the future of piracy? Do you have any plans on fixing the piracy problem? SPA doesn't seem to be doing a good job..  Or anyone eslse for that matter... 
         Zini:  I'd like to point out that cleaning up the was a good first step..
        hinks:  As you can know, you can get plenty of warez on the web (just search for warez in one of the search engines!).  However, until recently, the warez on hotline was "in your face" - ie it appeared when you opened the tracker.   Now is clean (thanks to zini for starting this process), so hotline is no worse than the web or firstclass or whatever for warez
        hinks:  ie, in both the web and hotline you can get warez, but on hotline is was presented to you on a silver platter via  Now you have to find it.  So it's no better or worse than the web
 *** Zini bows down in appreciation for the credit
        hinks:  next
    Questions:  How about the creater of a private chat area can disconnect others from that private chat?
        hinks:  usually you don't need to disconnect anyone since you invited them in the first place!  (except for that little bug and that has been fixed).  And if you want to kick someone, you can very democratically just all join a new private chat and leave that person behind :)
        hinks:  next
   no new Q's:  dude will hotline ever support multiple connections to different servers like Ircle 3.0
   no new Q's:  because some of us dont got alotta processor power or 512 megs of ram or whatever
         Zini:  random: "why is everyone trying to be yur friend hinx"
         Zini:  who wouldn't wanna be hinxes friend!
        hinks:  yes support for multiple connections in the one client IS planned, however there are a number of user interface design issues that need to be sorted out first to ensure that it doesn't become confusing (personally I find the implementation in ircle very bad, and I'm sure something much more intuitive is possible)
        hinks:  not everyone is trying to be my friend, like the someone who is doing an extremely lousy job at trying to flood me with chat invites (server puts a limit on them :)
        hinks:  why he/she bothers I have no idea....  
        hinks:  next
   no new Q's:  has hotline communications broke even yet?
        hinks:  breaking even is rather hard to define.  eg if you take into the massive number of hours we have put in (as opposed to just the cash costs), we'll probably never break even :)
        hinks:  take into ACCOUNT I meant
   no new Q's:  is there a mrs. Hinkley?
        hinks:  heh no
   no new Q's:  in the future, will chat messages or MSGs be sent back to the sender if they are not accepted by the server or user being sent to?
        hinks:  private messages will probably be sent direct client-to-client at some stage
   no new Q's:  what happened to the infamous "hinks swirl" icon?
        hinks:  well they set my account up the wrong way so I could use it... 
        hinks:  couldn't
   no new Q's:  What happened to an announcement a long time ago about Hotline being bundled with OS 8.X?
        hinks:  doesn't recall such an announcement
        hinks:  ack
 *** hinks doesn't recall such an announcement
        hinks:  :)
   no new Q's:  Will server broadcast, and other server functions such as dload limits ever be able to be done remotly?
        hinks:  yes I will most likely be taking user interface out of the server, such as the options window, and putting it all in the client so that EVERYTHING can be done remotely
         Zini:  I'll do a shameless plug for Andy Misle.
        hinks:  this is also convenient for unix servers where it's all command line
         Zini:  Andy's working on a tight project righ tnow.
         Zini:  almost in beta testing.
         Zini:  adds incredible remote administration functionality right into the client.
         Zini:  you don't need to install anything else onto your client computer.
         Zini:  ok, ready for next?
        hinks:  yep
   no new Q's:  Q: what happened to the hotline serve rupdatw 1.2.2? its just disappeared from the site!
        hinks:  it wasn't properly packaged
        hinks:  it'll be back
         Zini:  since so many people are asking "who is Andy"
        hinks:  probably as 1.2.3 actually
        hinks:  along with the new client
         Zini:  Andy Misle = MakNet = Macline File Admin = author of "MAT" Macline Admin Tools... the software almost in beta.
         Zini:  it will be free.
        hinks:  next q
         Zini:  hinks, we all want a copy of Hotline 1.0
         Zini:  it was just news right?
        hinks:  I swear I don't have one :)
         Zini:  hehehe
        hinks:  just news
   no new Q's:  ask hinks if he plans on developing a corporate version of hotline
        hinks:  I already have.  I took the standard version and renamed the file "Hotline Corporate" :)
         Zini:  you dirty bastaid. :-)
   no new Q's:  certain icons in the built in set are copyright infringments.. are you aware of this?
        hinks:  rubbish, it's free advertising :)
 *** Zini agrees
        hinks:  altho if anyone objects I'll certainly remove the offending icons
        hinks:  but since no-one has objected.... 
   no new Q's:  How long did it take you to write your FTP server? FTP is very hard to impliment
         Zini:  please do not message any new questions.  we have 3 more to go and that's it.
        hinks:  I had file listings going in two hours, then I got sleep, went to bed, and finished file transfer in the morning :)
        hinks:  the server will be available soon btw
        hinks:  there's just one little thing
        hinks:  damn mac explorer doesn't some weird things
        hinks:  that make it incompatible
        hinks:  like it tries to CWD (change current directory) to a FILE, even tho' it's not a directory!
         Zini:  dorks
         Zini:  (MS I mean)
         Zini:  apparently the topic of "cached icons" was never answered either.  "will cached icons be implemented?" this one nasty fool keeps asking me.  ;-)
        hinks:  so as soon as I work around the pecularities in the various browsers, I'll release the FTP server (most likely this week)
        hinks:  it was answered and the answer was assuming you mean custom icons in the user list, it is a possibility but I'm sure most users would prefer to see the new news and other more exciting features first
   no new Q's:  I've heard rumors that the next Hotline client will be the last released because of very low sales. Is this true? please say no!
        hinks:  we not at that point, but certainly less pirates would help fund development
         Zini:  hehe
         Zini:  that was fun.
         Zini:  for like 20 seconds nobody said anything.
         Zini:  then 1 person did.
         Zini:  and VOOM
        hinks:  save a transcript so I don't have to answer all those q's again :)
         Zini:  ok.
         Zini:  yeah
         Zini:  saving now.