After Dark 3.0 Known Conflicts

                        AD 3.0 Known Conflicts
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CONTACT: Macintosh Tech Support
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Since the release of After Dark 3.0 for Macintosh, users like you have
sent us numerous reports of conflicts with other software programs.
We have been able to verify several of these reported conflicts and
have passed this information on to our Software Development team. It is
our mission to help you resolve these conflicts as soon as possible so
you can fully enjoy your copy of After Dark 3.0. Therefore, we will provide
a fix for most if not all of these bugs in the near future.
If you would like to receive this update to After Dark 3.0 (when it becomes
available), please send us your full name, address, serial number and
daytime phone number to the following email address:  [email protected]
This special address will be used only for putting together a mailing list
for this future update. For any other issues regarding technical support for
our products, or if you wish to give us new information about a previously
reported problem, please contact us at:  [email protected] 
We cannot guarantee that every conflict or bug that is reported will be
addressed in this upgrade. We will, however, fix as many of them we can.
Thank you for your patience and your support.
Problem:  Sleep Corner, Hot Key, & Sleep in Minutes Won't Work
                    * Snap (CDEV, Part of InTouch)

Symptom: The Sleep Corner, Hot Key, or Sleep In  minutes does not work. 
Fix: Remove Snap from the Control Panels folder
Status: We are testing to see if upgrading to Intouch 2.1.1 will solve the
                            * At Ease 1.0

Symptoms: If you switch to Finder, AD won't go to sleep with corner or
time-out, and the hot key freezes the system
Fix: Upgrade to At Ease 2.0.
Status: Testing
                            * KidDesk 1.1

Symptoms: If you start up into KidDesk, then quit to Finder, AD won't sleep
and Hot Key hangs.
Work around: Set KidDesk's Startup Option (menu option) to start up into
Finder, then launch KidDesk manually; make alias of a kid's file (NOT the
CD Application Icon) and put in Startup Items.
Status: Testing
* System 7.5's Apple menus Options Control Panel & Norton 3.0's FileSaver

Symptoms: After Dark will try to engage but will not be able to. You'll see
the icons flash for a second as After Dark attempts to come on.
Work Around: Open the Apple menus Options Control Panel and deselect the 
"Remember Recently Used Items" checkbox.
Status: Testing


Problem:        "X" Through the After Dark Icon during Start Up
                           * Disk Doubler:

Symptoms:After Dark doesn't load at startup and won't open when clicked on.
Work around:  Turn 32-bit addressing on. To do this, open the Memory Control
Panel and switch 32-bit addressing from "off" to "on."  (This should not
affect anything adversely except old software which is not "32-bit clean."
If you are not sure if a piece of software is "32-bit clean" contact its
manufacturer.) Restart the Macintosh and After Dark will load up properly.
If your Mac does not have 32-bit addressing capabilities, contact Apple and 
ask for the 32-bit Enabler.
If for some reason you do not want to turn 32-bit addressing, make AD load
before DD by making an alias of After Dark, leaving the After Dark alias in
the Control Panels folder and putting After Dark itself in Extensions folder
Status: In communication with Symantec for fix.

                            * Intermission

Symptom: "X" Through the After Dark Icon during Start Up or Locking up and
Fix: Remove Intermission INIT
Status: None, Incompatible with other Screen Savers
                          * Incompatible Mac

Symptom: "X" Through the After Dark Icon during Start Up (Plus, SE, Classic,
PB 100 and Portable), or crash during startup immediately after installation.
Fix: Don't try and install it on these Macs.
Status: None, will not work on these machines.
                     * Central Point Anti-Virus:

Work Around: 
Symptom: Move After Dark to Extensions folder so it loads before CP. Or turn
off CPAV'S option to scan the System Folder at Start Up.
Status: Testing
                    * Memory Manager: (ShareWare)

Work Around: Remove it; Reversing Load order might help.
Status: It's possible we may plan to deal with this in a later version, but
not likely at this time.

Problem:                After Dark & SAM / Norton Utilities 3.0
                           * SAM 3.5 & 4.0:

Symptom: When After Dark activates for the first time, 5 minutes or by using
the Sleep Corner, the SAM alert dialogue box comes on the screen. The User
cannot click on the Dialogue Buttons and the Screen is temporarily frozen.
It is not a permanent freeze
Work Around:  Allow the SAM Alert Box to go away on its own. The time may
vary, since it is a prefrence set in SAM.
Systems: Still following up on this.
                           * Norton Backup:

Symptom: NB is prevented from being able to backup the HD if After Dark 3.0
is running at the time
Status: In communication with Symantec for fix.


Problem:        Crash at Start Up  / "Unimplemented Trap"
                 * CDU: (Connectix Desktop Utilities)

Symptom: Crash at Start Up / "Unimplemented Trap"
Possible Fix: Upgrade to CDU 1.0.4
Status: Still following up on this.
                * CPU: (Connectix Powerbook Utilities)

Symptom: Crash at Start Up / "Unimplemented Trap"
Possible Fix: Upgrade to Current version 2.0.4
Status: Still following up on this.
Problem:        Crash with Notifier, Mail, Calendar, & Fax Programs
                         * Microsoft Mail 3.0

Sympton: While receiving mail while After Dark is in Demo mode or if mail
plays sound when when received. 
Work Around: Don't use Demo mode, and turn MS Mail's sound notification off.
Status: Is being addressed in Fix.
                              * CC Mail

Sympton: If mail plays sound when when received. 
Work Around: Turn MS Mail's sound notification off.
Status: Is being addressed in Fix.
                           * Now Up-to-Date

Sympton: Can't notify or chime when After Dark is in Sleep Mode. 
Work Around: None at this time
Status:  Now Software is testing; in progress
                            * Alarm Clock

Sympton: If After Dark is sleeping, the Alarm Clock won't go off and wake
After Dark up, but rather waits until you wake up After Dark.
                            * Easy Alarms

Sympton: When After Dark is asleep at the time an Alert should come up,
the Alert dialogue punches through the After Dark Screen, then the System
Status: Still verifying
                             (suspected )
                       * GeoPort Adapter on AV

Sympton: While receiving Fax via the AV's GeoPort Modem Adapter. Produces
System hang.
Work Around: Turn After Dark Off, or try using the no Sleep Corner to
temporarily deactivate After Dark.
Status: Verifying and Testing
Problem:                Type 1 Error, Error 32 / Installer Crash
                         * Possible Bad Disk

Symptom: Type 1 Error, Error 32 / Installer Crash
Work Around: Try reinstalling with ALL Extensions Off by restarting with the
Shift key held down (unless you are installing from the After Dark CD).
Status: We're still following up on this.
                          * Installer crash

Symptom: After using disk 1, ejects it, asks for disk 1 again; insert 1 or 2,
system hangs.
Work Around: Starting up with Extensions Off is known to solve this problem
for sure.
Status: Testing
     * MYOB: Mind Your Own Business (an accounting spreadsheet).

Symptom: Type 1 Errors when After Dark is woken up; Quits MYOB
Work Around:  Still verifying.
Status: Testing
                           * Disk Lock 3.0

Symptom: Possible crash
Fix: Don't use After Dark as the optional screen
Status: In communication with Symantec for fix.
Problem:                        After Dark Problems
                             * Randomizer

Symptom: Does not play in random order.
Fix: 2.0 versions of Randomizer & MultiModule should be deleted.
Status: Addressed in future versions
                     * Marbles under MultiModule

Symptom: Marbles crash when run under MultiModule with the password feature
on Workaround: Turn password off or don't use Marbles under MultiModule
Status: Testing
              * Pearls module (from the Art of Darkness)

Symptom: Crashes immediately under After Dark 3.0
Fix: Upgrade will be available on CD and addressed in Fix.
Status: Testing
                             * System IQ

Symptom: Sleeps over downloads; even with System IQ on, AD3 goes to sleep
over downloads; most commonly America Online, but others, too
Work around: Crank up delay or put mouse in the sleep never corner
Status: Testing new Sys IQ settings
                             * Installer

Symptom: Installer puts files in the wrong places; e.g. puts After Dark
Files in System Folder (root); puts After Dark 3.0 (module)  on hard disk
Fix: Boot off of Disk Tools, run Disk First Aid, then re-install After Dark
                           * Artist module

Symptom: Some PICTs crash the Artist; seems to be JPEG-compressed PICTs
Status: Testing; if you have PICTS that crash, please send them to us.
                          * DrawMorph module

Symptom: If SAM is installed, can't Edit a Morph, as it says there's not
enough memory.  Morph will run, just not edit.
Work around:  Remove SAM temporarily, create/edit your morphs, then 
reinstall SAM, since you can run the morphs, you just can't edit them.
Status: In communication with Symantec for fix.