Amazon Trail II

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The all-new Amazon Trail II enhances the learning and adventure found on the original trek, The Amazon Trail. The insight into the life, history, geography, science, and ecology of the Amazon river and the surrounding rainforests makes it one of the most compelling interactive adventures ever. As students work their way up to the head of the Amazon traveling through time, the characters they meet are historically or culturally significant to the areas traveled. Kids will interact with everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to wandering conquistadors like Lope de Aguirre.

Amazon Trail II - The Rainforest Adventure that sends kids to uncharted lands on an extraordinary quest. The excitement starts with a mysterious incident at the Museum of Ancient Art. Before they know it, players are headed up the Amazon river on a fun learning mission to prove they are worthy to hear a critical message from the Ancient Ones.

Amazon Trail II is filled with action, suspense and valuable learning. Experiences along the way include everything from identifying poison dart frogs to escaping dangerous conquistadors. Amazon Trail II is a journey kids will want to take again and again.

Features and Benefits

  • It's captivating! Kids love nothing better than to set off on adventures into uncharted territories, and the rainforest is an especially hot topic with kids. There's something new around every river bend - even after many explorations - so it's a different experience every time they head out. Amazon Trail II comes with three levels of play, and hundreds of outcome scenarios.
  • It's educational, and we guarantee the learning! Throughout this adventure, the focus is on history, ecology, geography, and science. You should be 100% satisfied with the content or we will refund your purchase. No questions asked. It's our MECC Learning Guarantee.
  • It's multicultural! Players interact with the native peoples of the Amazon and learn their ways in order to survive.
  • It's based on fact! Amazon Trail II allows children to learn from the actual people who live in the Amazon as well as from those who came to explore, study, and conquer.
  • Critics applaud! Based on The Amazon Trail, winner of the Newsweek Editors Choice Award for 1996 and the Kidsoft Kids Choice Award.
  • MECC makes it! Amazon Trail II joins a long line of popular educational titles, including The Oregon Trail, the best selling educational software family of all time. MECC has been a trusted name with both parents and educators for more than 20 years.

Amazon Trail II features more than 60 live actors whose voices and images have been recorded, digitized and placed in three-dimensional settings for a first-person "you are there" effect. The characters are all part of an integrated fictional story providing players with many opportunities to make choices, solve problems and direct mission outcomes including finding and interviewing a tribe, negotiating a river maze and rescuing injured people.

Amazon Trail II brings the beauty of the rainforest to the desktop computer. The number of exotic birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians is more than twice as many as in the original edition, now including a sword-billed hummingbird, a fishing bat, a crab-eating raccoon, a bull shark and a horned frog. Players photograph, identify and classify rainforest creatures with help from the accompanying guidebook that includes text, images and sounds to supplement the multimedia learning adventure.

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System Requirements

Amazon Trail II requires an IBM computer or compatible or a Macintosh computer with a hard disk and a double-speed CD-ROM drive. The Windows version requires a 486 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95); 8 MB of RAM; 256-color SVGA display; and a Windows compatible sound card. The Macintosh version requires a 68040 (Performa 575) or higher (Power PC recommended); System 7.1 or higher; 8 MB of Ram; 13" or larger color display.

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