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American Megatrends

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American Megatrends was founded in 1985 and initially produced entire PC motherboards but shifted to producing BIOS chips such as the AMIBIOS product line.

Founded in 1985, American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) philosophy revolves around designing cutting-edge computer technology solutions with an unmatched assurance of quality. The company's mission is to develop the best computing solutions in the world.

American Megatrends leads the market as a provider of hardware and firmware solutions in the global market place by creating and maintaining unsurpassed product compatibility and quality.

The world's premier BIOS provider, AMI's market leading products are featured in virtually all major OEM designs. AMI continues as a technology leader by remaining on the cutting edge of new technology development. American Megatrends consistently develops the first BIOS for Intel's newest processor technologies. AMI created the Plug and Play solution for Intel and Microsoft, and stood as a leading member of the committee developing the DMI standard. We were the first to deliver a BIOS offering complete support for USB devices. AMI also leads in the development of future technology with its membership in organizations such as the RAID Advisory Board, Universal Serial Bus committee, and ACPI conference.

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