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AppleCD Audio Player

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If you want to play Audio CDs in your CD-ROM drive, the Apple CD Audio Player enables you to operate your CD-ROM in much the same way you would a traditional audio CD player. The interface, which looks much like the front of a regular CD player from your stereo system, has the standard transport buttons for pause/play, stop, previous track, next track, and buttons to quickly scan through tracks (as shown in the figure).

Like a regular audio CD player, there is a display window that shows you the number of the currently selected audio track, and the elapsed time for that track. It also has a button to eject an audio CD. To the right of these buttons is a slider for controlling the volume of your audio CD. You also have buttons to choose your desired mode of play: Normal plays the tracks in order, starting with the first track, second track, and so on. The Shuffle button plays the tracks in a random order. The repeat button puts the audio CD into a loop mode that repeats the audio CD again when it reaches the end of the last track.

The Apple CD Audio Player also has a nice feature that enables you to list the songs and which track they appear on, so you can program a playlist of your favorite songs, and skip the ones you don't want to hear.

To access the playlist selection, click the green arrow below the transport controls and the playlist area will pop-down. To name the CD, click in the window marked disc and type in the name of the CD. To name individual tracks, click the track number and type in the name of the track. To program your playlist, click the Prog button (Program) and the playlist window will appear. Drag and drop any track that you'd like in your playlist for this CD onto the playlist window.

Under the options menu, you can select a background color for your audio player, and the color for the indicator lights and display. You can also choose three modes of audio: Stereo, left channel only, right channel only.

To use the Apple CD Audio player, follow these steps:

1. Insert an audio CD in your CD-ROM player and choose Apple CD Audio Player from the Apple menu.

2. To hear the audio tracks in order, click the play button. To stop the CD click Stop. To move forward, use the transport controls to move one track forward or backward, or use the scan button to rapidly skip forward or backward. To Eject a CD, press the eject button.

3. To program a playlist, click the green arrow below the normal mode button to reveal a pop-down menu where you can name the tracks by typing in their name and dragging and dropping them into a personalize playlist by clicking the Prog. (Program) button.

4. After you've named your programs, you can go directly to the track of your choice from a pull-down menu above the transport controls.

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