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AppleLink - Personal Edition

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AppleLink - Personal Edition is a unique on-line service designed especially for users of Apple per­sonal computers. It's your direct connection to the information and services you need to get the most from your Apple products. In addition, it offers a myriad of general-interest information, in­cluding news stories from around the world and the latest stock quotations.

With AppleLink - Personal Edition software, an Apple II or Macintosh computer, and a mo­dem, you can join a nationwide community of Apple owners on this exciting, easy-to-use, and affordable service.

AppleLink - Personal Edition has two main divisions. The Apple Community features Apple-specific information ser­vices. You can get the latest, most accurate product details directly from Apple and our developer partners. Download public­ domain and demonstration soft­ware. Learn how to make the most effective use of your Apple hardware and applications. Take part in special-interest discussion groups, developer forums, and real-time conferencing with other Apple users.

But that's only half the story, because AppleLink also includes a General Services section that offers national and international news, stock quotations, airline schedules, on-line shopping, inter­active games, general-interest clubs - even an electronic college. In short, AppleLink - Personal Edition adds an exciting new di­mension to your Apple personal computer. It's your one-stop source for Apple information and fun.


Apple Community

  • Apple Reference Library. Get detailed product information, or look up answers to your technical questions. Read con­tributed software reviews-and post your own. Find out about special-education software, the Apple Programmer's and Devel­oper's Association (APDA), and more.
  • Apple Forums. Join with other users in discussions about Apple II and Macintosh products and their development. Exchange information and helpful tips.
  • Apple Software Center. Download public-domain and shareware programs covering a variety of special-interest appli­cations.
  • Apple Headquarters. Con­nect to Apple's Customer Rela­tions group to ask a question or off er an opinion. Read press releases on new products and promotional programs. Chat with Apple employees at the "Apple Cafe." Purchase Apple T-shirts, mugs, and other specialty items.
  • Industry Connection. Meet third-party Apple hardware and software developers. Try out demonstration versions of soft­ware, peruse product catalogs, and post questions to product­support message boards.
  • Apple University. Enroll in on-line courses to learn more about Apple hardware, program­ming, and applications.

General Services

  • People Connection. Chat with other AppleLink members all across the country. Attend a lec­ture, bid at an auction, or so­cialize at an on-line party. Play trivia games or be a contestant in a game show.
  • Financial District. Read today's stock market summary; check out the latest quotations from the New York (NYSE), American (AMEX), and Over the Counter (OTC) stock exchanges.
  • Recreation Center. Play inter­active games with one or more partners anywhere in the country. Get the latest entertainment and sports news. Find out which books are on the best-seller list-and share your own book and movie reviews.
  • Club House. Make friends with people who share your in­terests, in subjects from photog­raphy to music.
  • Learning Center. Get tutoring help with your homework. Learn a new subject by enrolling in an on-line course. Look up facts in seconds using a 20-volume encyclopedia that's updated regularly.
  • News Room. Read the latest news and sports reports from Reuters, the Associated Press, and United Press International. Debate current issues with people all around the nation.
  • The Mall. Stroll through an on-line mall and shop for over 200,000 name-brand products at discount prices. Send flowers to someone special. Plan a com­plete business trip or vacation: Check for the lowest airfares, then make flight, hotel, and ren­tal car reservations.


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