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AppleSearch information access and retrieval software provides an easy-to-use, powerful way for users of Macintosh or Windows 3.1 software-based computers (on an AppleTalk network) to find text-based information within documents stored on file servers -- whether they're local servers in your office or remote WAIS servers connected to the Internet. AppleSearch lets users conduct concurrent, personalized searches on a server, and ranks the found documents in order of relevance. User-defined search criteria, called "reporters," track topics of interest -- including on-line news feeds -- and automatically formatted updates. Users can quickly find information on topics they specify, or they can let AppleSearch act as a personal agent that periodically provides updated information. AppleSearch processes natural-language queries, so users can ask for information in their own words.

  • AppleSearch server software. Maintains a feature-rich search engine that processes the queries of AppleSearch client users.
  • AppleSearch client software. Provides electronic reporters and newspaper-like updates as an intuitive way to retrieve information from the server. Lets users work in the operating system environment with which they are most familiar -- whether it's the Mac OS or Windows 3.1.
  • AppleSearch Client Developer Kit. Includes basic software for developers who want to write custom client interfaces to the AppleSearch server or to integrate AppleSearch functionality into other applications.

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