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AppleShare software provides a range of file-, print-, and application-sharing capabilities to users of Macintosh, DOS, and Windows software-based computers connected to an AppleTalk network. It enhances collaboration on cross-platform networks by enabling users to work in the operating system environment with which they are most familiar -- whether it's the Mac OS or Windows 3.1. The software includes a number of features that enable network managers to control centralized applications, data files, and printers effectively. If provides a variety of security features -- such as launch-count limits on applications, minimum password length, password aging, automatic disconnect after a specified number of unsuccessful log-in attempts, and network administrator-controlled log-off capabilities.

AppleShare 3 runs on any 68030-based Macintosh or earlier computer and supports up to 120 concurrent users. AppleShare 4.0.2 is two to three times faster than AppleShare 3 and supports up to 150 users simultaneously connected to the server (it runs on 68040-based Macintosh computers). AppleShare 4.1, which offers significant performance improvements over the previous version (4.0.2), comes with selected PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Servers. AppleShare Pro runs on the Workgroup Server 95 with Apple's A/UX operating system, for up to four times the performance capability of AppleShare 3.

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