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AppleShare IP 6.3.3 also includes a powerful web server so your organization can set up its own intranet and Internet websites to share information. Built-in support for plug-ins and CGIs lets you add your own powerful features to the server, and AppleShare can host up to 50 websites from one server.
AppleShare IP 6.3.3 also includes a powerful web server so your organization can set up its own intranet and Internet websites to share information. Built-in support for plug-ins and CGIs lets you add your own powerful features to the server, and AppleShare can host up to 50 websites from one server.
* [[AppleTalk Filing Protocol 2.2 & AFP over TCP/IP Specification]]
=See Also=
* [[AppleShare]]
* [[Apple Computer]]

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Earlier versions of AppleShare supported only the AppleTalk network transport protocol but later versions, sold under the name AppleShare IP, allowed use of the TCP/IP protocol stack, as used on most modern networks. AppleShare provided three different protocols for application-layer services: AppleShare File Server, AppleShare Print Server and AppleShare PC.

Limitations (AppleShare IP 5.x/6.x)

  • Maximum # of Connected Users: 250/500 (Maximum number of connected users is subject to licensing restrictions. The maximum limit of 500 users is only available in ASIP 6.x and may require additional memory.)
  • Maximum # of Open Files: 3000 (3000 instances of 346 unique open files. The limit of 346 unique open files is a limitation of Mac OS versions prior to Mac OS 9. Mac OS 9 and later support up to 8169 unique open files. AppleShare IP 6.3 and later, when used with Mac OS 9 and later, can support up to 3000 open files, all of which may be unique.)
  • Maximum # of Volumes: 50
  • Maximum # of Shared Items: 100
  • Maximum # of Users in User and Groups: 4096
  • Maximum # of Group Membership/User: 42
  • Maximum # of Simultaneous File Launches: 250 (Depends on application and connected users.)
  • Maximum # of Files per Volume: 65,536 (ASIP 5.x and 6.x utilize AFP 2.2, which allows for over 4 billion (2^32) shared files on a volume. In practice, the maximum number of shared files will be the same as the maximum number of files that can be stored on the volume. For HFS volumes, this is 65,536 files. For HFS+ volumes this limit will be significantly higher.)
  • Maximum Volume Size: 2TB (Mac OS versions prior to System 7.5 support a maximum volume size of 2 GB. System 7.5 and later support volume sizes in excess of 4 GB. However, because AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) version 2.0 is limited to volume sizes of 4 GB or less, the maximum AppleShare volume size remains 4 GB. AFP 2.2 adds support for 2 terabyte volumes. Using AppleShare Client 3.7.2 or newer with AppleShare IP 5.0.2 or newer allows the use of these larger volume sizes.)
  • Maximum File Size: 2GB

AppleShare IP 5.x

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AppleShare IP 5.0 enhances workgroup productivity with an integrated suite of network services. Using a single administrative interface, you can quickly set up file, print, mail, and web servers for your school or business. Support for standard Internet protocols makes the AppleShare IP file, mail, and web services available to authorized and guest users via the Internet or your intranet. The print server lets you manage the printers on your AppleTalk network for maximum efficiency. AppleShare IP 5.0 maintains compatibility with existing AppleShare client software for Mac OS and Windows. AppleShare IP 5.0 makes it easy for anyone to set up electronic-mail systems, distribute printer workloads, and create web sites. Support for Internet protocol services makes AppleShare IP 5.0 an ideal mail and file-sharing solution for education, small and medium-size business, and enterprise workgroups.

AppleShare IP 5.0 -- Mac OS 7.6, and Mac OS 7.6.1 PowerPC 601, 604, or 604e processor; not supported on PowerPC 603 or 603e
AppleShare IP 5.0.3 2/26/98 Mac OS 8.0 and Mac OS 8.1; Mac OS 8.1 is recommended PowerPC 601, 604, 604e, or G3 processor; not supported on 603 or 603e

AppleShare IP 5.0 offers five integrated services in one product. It retains its hallmark ease of use and gives developers the ability to add or enhance services using the AppleShare Registry API.

Five full-featured services

AppleShare IP 5.0 is a productivity tool for workgroups in schools, universities, small businesses, and enterprises. Its integrated file, print, mail, and web servers are easy to set up and use. Individuals in workgroups can easily communicate via electronic mail and use the file server to share documents with each other. Support for standard Internet protocols allows users to access AppleShare IP services from anywhere.

AppleShare IP 5.0 offers five full-featured services in one suite:

  • Traditional file sharing over TCP/IP and AppleTalk networks
  • FTP file services
  • Print services
  • Mail services
  • Web services

AppleShare IP 5.0 offers high performance, which results from two of its features. First, support for TCP/IP improves file transfer speed. Second, the file and directory cache is dynamic, which means that each service can obtain the memory it needs to deliver optimum performance. Setup and administration are simplified because all services share the AppleShare Registry, a database of users and groups. For example, the access privileges you set up for the File Server are also used for the Web Server.

The AppleShare Registry API, which is included with AppleShare IP 5.0, provides a shared users and groups database for all servers (except the AppleShare IP Print Server) residing on the same machine. Using the AppleShare Registry API, developers can more quickly add new servers. For example, to add a calendar scheduling server to AppleShare IP 5.0, a developer would use the AppleShare Registry API to enumerate the list of users and groups from which a user could select to schedule a meeting. Similarly, to modify the Mail Server to allow a maximum number of e-mail messages per user, a developer could use the API to enumerate a list of users, and then simply add a new attribute to each user for setting this value. The AppleShare Admin API also enables developers to add administration controls for new features and services to the AppleShare IP Users & Groups window.

Improvements over AppleShare 4.x

  • Five integrated, full-featured network services for workgroups: Traditional file sharing, FTP, print services, mail services,and web services
  • Improved performance, including higher data throughput when accessing files through TCP/IP
  • Access to servers not only over AppleTalk but also using TCP/IP, allowing file access over the Internet
  • Use of the Apple OpenDoc architecture, making it easier for developers to add new network services and integrate them seamlessly into the administration application
  • A single API for all network services, which gives access to and provides security for users, groups, and services

AppleShare IP 5.0.3 Technical Specifications

System requirements

  • Apple Power Macintosh computer or Macintosh Server with a PowerPC G3, 604e, 604, or 601 processor
  • Mac OS 8.0 (included) or Mac OS 8.1 supported.
  • Open Transport 1.3 recommeded. Open Transport 1.2.1 or later supported
  • 32 MB RAM minimum (with virtual memory on), 48 MB recommended
  • 10MB of hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • AppleTalk and/or TCP/IP network connection(s)

File service

  • File-sharing protocols supported:
  • AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP 2.2) over TCP/IP and/or AppleTalk. The File Server also supports AFP 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1 on AppleTalk.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over TCP/IP
  • Encoding and decoding methods supported:
    • BinHex (default)
    • MacBinary
  • Files automatically encoded/decoded by AppleShare IP 5.0 when requested by an FTP client
  • High performance: up to 89 megabits per second aggregate throughput
  • Dynamic file and directory caches for expedited delivery of frequently requested files
  • Up to 250 simultaneous connections per server. Number of simultaneous connections is determined by the AppleShare serial number and AppleShare license agreement. Actual number of simultaneous connections dependent upon system software, hardware, and server usage.
  • Support for anonymous FTP sessions (users get the same privileges as AppleShare Guest accounts)
  • Maximum number of unique open files: approximately 330
  • Maximum number of all open files: 3000
  • Maximum number of physical volumes: 50
  • Maximum number of shared points: 100
  • Maximum number of users in the Users & Groups Data File: 4096
  • Maximum number of groups in the Users & Groups Data File: 4096
  • Maximum number of group memberships per user: 42
  • Maximum volume size: 2 terabytes (TB)
  • Maximum number of multihomed ports (AppleTalk only): 4
  • TCP port number: 548
  • Maximum number of simultaneous application launches: up to 250 (depends on program and connected users)
  • Supports server notification when connected to AppleShare Client 3.7 or later via AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP 2.2). Click here to download the AFP 2.2 specification (PDF). 41k

Web service

  • High performance: over 274 hits per second
  • Dynamic file and directory caches for expedited delivery of frequently requested pages
  • Dynamic open file cache for high connection rate
  • Web protocol supported: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 1.0
  • Keep alive supported
  • Customizable MIME types
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) support for extending the capability of the web server
  • Plug-in support. W*API 1.1 support for extending the capability of the web server, including support for pre-processing, post-processing, and error plug-ins.
  • Access and privileges shared with file server
  • Access logs
  • Directory browsing
  • Server-side includes and web page security including macros, counters, and multiple domain support are provided via Maxum NetCloak.
  • Idle connection timeout: 60 seconds
  • CGI timeout: 60 seconds
  • Restricts web client to browse only the contents of Web Folder, thus protecting other data on the server from web clients.
  • Up to 100 simultaneous connections. Number of simultaneous connections is determined by the AppleShare serial number and AppleShare license agreement.

Mail service

  • Mail protocols supported:
    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    • Post Office Protocol (POP Version 3)
    • PASS (allows users to change their passwords)
  • Networking protocols supported:
    • TCP/IP
    • AppleTalk (requires client support such as Claris Emailer 2.0)
  • Support for domain name service (DNS) and mail exchange (MX) records
  • Support for Authenticated Post Office Protocol (APOP) encrypted passwords for authentication of users
  • Mail stored in an efficient, single copy mail database
  • Support for up to 4,096 accounts
  • Maximum message size: Available disk space
  • Maximum recipients per message (before expansion of group names): 512
  • Supported character size: Eight-bit transparent for interoperability with two-byte character sets
  • Default number of concurrent POP and SMTP connections: 12 POP and 5 SMTP
  • Additional concurrent connections per MB of additional application memory: 5 POP and 3 SMTP
  • Maximum number of POP connections: 64
  • Maximum number of client SMTP connections: 48
  • Maximum number of transfers per POP connection: 2048

Print service

  • Networking protocol supported: AppleTalk
  • Support for LaserWriter 7.2 and later drivers (including LaserWriter 8), PostScript Level I and II, and server-side PostScript printer description (PPD) files
  • Support for up to 10 queues, 30 printers, and 32 simultaneous sessions
  • Load balancing of up to 10 printers per queue
  • Font storage on server to minimize downloads from client system
  • Threaded, high-performance implementation
  • Greater administrative control over queues
  • Supported printers: AppleTalk LaserWriter printers and third-party PostScript printers that support the LaserWriter 8.4 printer driver
  • Maximum number of attached printers: 30
  • Maximum number of queues: 10
  • Maximum number of concurrent connections: 32
  • Maximum total number of jobs: 500
  • Maximum log size: 64K

Internet Gateway

  • The VICOM Internet Gateway provides AppleShare IP users with a DHCP server, a LAN to Internet gateway with access control and firewall support, and remote PPP dial-up access to the LAN and the Internet.

AppleShare IP 6.x

8706622847 d82d46a600 b.jpg

AppleShare IP 6.3.3

Faster. Scalable. More secure. Greater accessibility. If you need a powerful yet simple way to communicate and exchange information, you’ll find AppleShare IP 6.3.3 software an invaluable tool. Install any combination of its integrated file, print, mail, and web servers as needed. Basic setup takes only minutes, and ongoing server management is simple with shared users and groups and its fast remote-administration interface. The services of AppleShare IP 6.3.3 work over TCP/IP and AppleTalk networks, and its native SMB support for Windows clients means it looks just like a Windows NT file server in the Network Neighborhood of Windows users.

Because it supports AFP, FTP, and SMB file transfer protocols, AppleShare IP 6.3.3 lets users access information via your intranet, the Internet, or an AppleTalk network. It is also optimized for exceptional performance across today’s high-speed networks; the file server provides the fastest possible throughput for Macintosh clients as well as high-speed transfers for Windows clients.

Printers and workstations can be located on any combination of AppleTalk and TCP/IP networks. AppleShare IP 6.3.3 allows you to place new print jobs on hold and release them one at a time without putting the queue on hold. And it supports secure printing from both MacOS– and Windows-based clients.

Electronic mail has become an indispensable service for any organization. AppleShare IP 6.3.3 supports the SMTP, POP, and IMAP protocols, allowing you to select the best client- or host-based solution for your users. AppleShare IP now also supports remote POP account download. Trouble with spam? Prevent unwanted mail with extensive anti-spam tools, including support for Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) sites.

AppleShare IP 6.3.3 also includes a powerful web server so your organization can set up its own intranet and Internet websites to share information. Built-in support for plug-ins and CGIs lets you add your own powerful features to the server, and AppleShare can host up to 50 websites from one server.


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