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AppleShare IP

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Earlier versions of AppleShare supported only the AppleTalk network transport protocol but later versions, sold under the name AppleShare IP, allowed use of the TCP/IP protocol stack, as used on most modern networks. AppleShare provided three different protocols for application-layer services: AppleShare File Server, AppleShare Print Server and AppleShare PC.

Limitations (AppleShare IP 5.x/6.x)

  • Maximum # of Connected Users: 250/500 (Maximum number of connected users is subject to licensing restrictions. The maximum limit of 500 users is only available in ASIP 6.x and may require additional memory.)
  • Maximum # of Open Files: 3000 (3000 instances of 346 unique open files. The limit of 346 unique open files is a limitation of Mac OS versions prior to Mac OS 9. Mac OS 9 and later support up to 8169 unique open files. AppleShare IP 6.3 and later, when used with Mac OS 9 and later, can support up to 3000 open files, all of which may be unique.)
  • Maximum # of Volumes: 50
  • Maximum # of Shared Items: 100
  • Maximum # of Users in User and Groups: 4096
  • Maximum # of Group Membership/User: 42
  • Maximum # of Simultaneous File Launches: 250 (Depends on application and connected users.)
  • Maximum # of Files per Volume: 65,536 (ASIP 5.x and 6.x utilize AFP 2.2, which allows for over 4 billion (2^32) shared files on a volume. In practice, the maximum number of shared files will be the same as the maximum number of files that can be stored on the volume. For HFS volumes, this is 65,536 files. For HFS+ volumes this limit will be significantly higher.)
  • Maximum Volume Size: 2TB (Mac OS versions prior to System 7.5 support a maximum volume size of 2 GB. System 7.5 and later support volume sizes in excess of 4 GB. However, because AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) version 2.0 is limited to volume sizes of 4 GB or less, the maximum AppleShare volume size remains 4 GB. AFP 2.2 adds support for 2 terabyte volumes. Using AppleShare Client 3.7.2 or newer with AppleShare IP 5.0.2 or newer allows the use of these larger volume sizes.)
  • Maximum File Size: 2GB

AppleShare IP 5.x

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AppleShare IP 5.0 -- Mac OS 7.6, and Mac OS 7.6.1 PowerPC 601, 604, or 604e processor; not supported on PowerPC 603 or 603e
AppleShare IP 5.0.3 2/26/98 Mac OS 8.0 and Mac OS 8.1; Mac OS 8.1 is recommended PowerPC 601, 604, 604e, or G3 processor; not supported on 603 or 603e

AppleShare IP 6.x

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