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AppleShare PC

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AppleShare PC software provides users of MS-DOS personal com­puters with access to the full range of services available on the AppleTalk network system. With AppleShare PC, users of MS-DOS and Macintosh personal computers can communicate with one another, share data files stored on an AppleShare file server, and enjoy transparent access to Apple LaserWriter and ImageWriter network printers. MS-DOS personal computer users select network resources through an intuitive menu system modeled after the Macintosh Chooser. Once selected, file and print resources are automatically available every time users turn on their machines. And using the AppleShare server from an MS-DOS system is as easy as using a local disk drive. AppleShare PC Version 2.0 is compatible with AppleTalk Phase 2 and is data-link inde­pendent. It offers advanced capabilities such as extended AppleTalk addressing, which provides support for networks of up to 16 million nodes. AppleShare PC is ideally suited to the requirements of users who work in environments utilizing both Macintosh and MS-DOS personal computers.


AppleShare volumes

AppleShare volumes appear to MS-DOS users as logical DOS drives and are accessed using standard DOS commands. Most applications and documents can be stored and used on the server with no modification.

Access procedures

Accessing information is simple and efficient; users need only remember one password. Once a user has logged on to a server, the server automatically manages access to all directories.


Through AppleShare PC, users of MS-DOS applications that support Postscript (such as Microsoft Word and WordPer­fect) can take full advantage of the power of Apple LaserWriter printers. This includes produc­ing documents in a wide range of type styles and sizes, and with full-page, high-resolution graphics. For users of older MS-DOS applications that do not support Postscript, AppleShare PC provides an emulation of an Epson LQ2500 printer.

Macintosh/MS-DOS compatibility

With AppleShare PC, both MS-DOS users and Macintosh users have access to docu­ments created using either of the two operating systems. In addition, AppleShare PC provides file extension mapping that allows MS-DOS users to easily assign a Macintosh icon type and application appropriate to a data file.


AppleShare PC fully supports the AppleShare file server's powerful privacy system. Users control information by selec­tively granting access to the directories they have created on the file server volumes. Setting access privileges 'allows a directory's owner to keep infor­mation private, share it within a workgroup, or make it available to everyone on the network. Additionally, users can control the type of access others have to the contents of a directory.


The procedure consists of installing AppleShare PC software on a startup disk; adding a LocalTalk PC Card to an IBM PC or PC-compatible computer, and connecting the computer to an AppleTalk network system equipped with an AppleShare server and a networked printer.

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