AppleShare Print Server


With the AppleShare Print Server, you can continue working on your Macintosh, Apple Ile, Apple IIgs or MS-DOS computer while your documents are being printed on an AppleTalk-networked LaserWriter or ImageWriter printer. The AppleShare Print Server runs on a dedicated Macintosh II, Macintosh SE, Macintosh Plus, or Macintosh 512K Enhanced computer, and will increase the productivity of any workgroup that makes frequent use of LaserWriter or ImageWriter printing.

  • Print spooling
  • Simultaneous support for up to five printers
  • Runs concurrently with AppleShare File Server software
  • Print-queue management
  • Compatibility with all standard applications
  • Power failure recovery

How spooling works

Ordinarily the user's computer must wait while a document is being printed-the computer can't be used for anything else. And if the printer is busy, the user must wait for it to become free. The AppleShare Print Server saves time in several ways. As soon as users send a document over an AppleTalk network system to the print server, they can continue working on their computers. The print server sends the documents along to the LaserWriter or ImageWriter as soon as the printer is ready. And because the print server can accept files from more than one user at the same time, there's never any waiting for the server to be available.

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