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Apple Announces Macintosh Quadra Price Reductions - 02/1994

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Here is the press release that came out from Apple:

	       Apple Announces Quadra Price Reductions

Press Contact:	Jayme Curtis
		Apple Computer, Inc.
		(408) 974-6296

	  Apple Announces Macintosh Quadra Price Reductions
		     and Mail-in Printer Rebate;

 All Macintosh Quadra computers can be upgraded to PowerPC technology

CAMPBELL, California--February 8, 1994--To help U.S. customers
prepare for the arrival of Macintosh with PowerPC, Apple Computer,
Inc., today announced an accelerated price reduction on its line of
Macintosh Quadra computers.  In addition, U.S. customers purchasing
selected Macintosh Quadra computers with qualifying printers can
receive a $150 mail-in cash rebate.

These incentives follow Apple's recent announcement that all of
today's Macintosh Quadra systems will have an easy pathway to Apple's
next generation desktop systems based on PowerPC technology.

The first computers based on the PowerPC chip are slated to be introduced
in the first half of 1994 and join the Macintosh family of computers
in mid-range and high-end systems, including the Quadra line.

On February 2, Apple also announced its plans to offer upgrades based on
the PowerPC microprocessor for many of its best selling entry-level
business, education and consumer products.

"These price changes help incorporate Macintosh with PowerPC into the
mid-range and high-end of the Macintosh family of computers," said
Jim Buckley, president of Apple USA.  "Historically, many customers
have waited for prices to drop before taking advantage of new Apple
technologies.  By providing attractive pricing ahead of time these
customers won't have to wait.  They can be productive with Macintosh
computers today, secure in the knowledge that their system is ready
to upgrade to the very latest in personal computing technology.  In
addition, this move follows a number of strategic pricing actions
Apple has taken in recent months that have resulted in increased
market share."

			  Printer Promotion

U.S. customers who purchase a Macintosh Quadra 650 with a qualifying
Apple LaserWriter printer between February 7, 1994 and March 31, 1994
can receive a $150 mail-in rebate from Apple.  U.S. customers who
purchase a Macintosh Quadra 605 with a qualifying Apple LaserWriter
or StyleWriter II printer between February 7, 1994 and March 31, 1994
can receive a $150 mail-in rebate from Apple.

 Current and previous Apple prices for the affected Macintosh Quadra
computers are as follows:

                                    Previous      New          Percentage
                                    Apple price   Apple price  Change

Quadra 650 8/230 w/512 VEnet & FPU    $2,399      $2,129        11%

Quadra 650 8/230CD w/1 MB VRAM/       $2,739      $2,479         9%
Enet & FPU
Quadra 650 8/500CD w/1 MB VRAM/       $3,339      $3,069         8%
Enet & FPU
Quadra 660AV 8/230 w/1MB VRAM         $2,289      $1,879        18%

Quadra 660AV 8/230CD w/1MB VRAM       $2,579      $2,159        16%

Quadra 660AV 8/500CD w/1MB VRAM       $3,169      $2,759        13%

Quadra 800 8/230 512K VRAM/           $2,739      $2,439        11%
Enet & FPU
Quadra 800 8/500 w/1MB VRAM/          $3,379      $3,079         9%
Enet & FPU
Quadra 800 8/500CD w/1MB VRAM/        $3,649      $3,349         8%
Enet & FPU
Quadra 800 8/1000 w/1MB VRAM/         $4,089      $3,789         7%
Enet & FPU
Quadra 840AV 8/230/1MB VRAM/Enet      $3,619      $3,199        12%

Quadra 840AV 8/230CD/1MB VRAM/Enet    $3,909      $3,489        11%

Quadra 840AV 16/500CD/1MB VRAM/Enet   $4,849      $4,419         9%

Quadra 840AV 16/1000CD/1MB VRAM/Enet  $5,559      $5,119         8%

Quadra 950 8/SD w/1MB VRAM            $3,559      $3,149        12%

Quadra 950 33 MHz 8/230/1MB VRAM      $4,089      $3,679        10%

Quadra 950 33 MHz 8/500 w/1MB VRAM    $4,659      $4,249         9%

Quadra 950 33 MHz 16/1000 w/1MB VRAM  $5,729      $5,309         7%

Quadra 950 33 MHz 0/1000 w/1MB VRAM   $7,999      $7,329         8%

PowerPC is a family of RISC (reduced instruction set) microprocessors,
developed jointly by Apple, IBM and Motorola.

The new chip will fuel the next generation of Macintosh computers.