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Apple Computer Custom IC Definitions

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  • CLUT/DAC (color look-up table and digital-to-analog converter) IC developed by Apple and used in the Macintosh Display Card4•8, 8•24, and 8•24GC
  • DFAC (Digitally Filtered Audio Chip), the sound input and filter IC first used in the Macintosh LC
  • SWIM (Super Woz Integrated Machine), the IC that supports the SuperDrive high-density floppy disk drive
  • JDB (Junction Data Bus), one of two ICs making up the I/O Adapter, connecting the data signals from the system bus and the I/O bus
  • Relayer, one of two ICs making up the I/O Adapter, controlling the bus buffers and providing bus arbitration logic
  • MCU (Memory Control Unit), a custom IC that connects to the system bus and controls regular and burst-mode data transfers to and from the main RAM and ROM
  • YANCC (Yet Another NuBus Controller Chip), a custom IC that controls the NuBus interface
  • DAFB (Direct Access Frame Buffer), an IC that connects directly to the system bus and controls the video RAM (frame buffer)
  • Enhanced ASC (Apple Sound Chip), a custom IC that replaces the Apple Sound Chip
  • Sporty, a custom IC that provides sound output amplification functions
  • PSX. The PSX IC functions as the bridge between the PowerPC 603e microprocessor and the PCI bus. It provides buffering and address translation from one bus to the other.
  • O’Hare. The O’Hare IC is based on the Grand Central IC present in the Power Macintosh 7500 computer. It is an I/O controller and DMA engine for Power Macintosh computers using the PCI bus architecture

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