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Apple IIc Plus

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The Apple IIc Plus personal computer gives you all the most important benefits of the Apple II family - versatility, expandability, ease of use, and software compatibility - in one compact, lightweight, elegantly designed package. In addition, it has over five times the disk storage capacity of previous Apple IIc models, and up to four times the processing speed.

The Apple IIc Plus offers high-quality color graphics, built-in connectors for easy accessory expansion, a full-size keyboard, and a 3.5-inch high-capacity (800 kilobytes) disk drive. A completely self-contained power supply makes the computer highly transportable, and the handle locks downward to provide a stable, inclined keyboard for typing convenience. Naturally, the IIc Plus also offers the ease of use that has characterized the Apple II family since its inception.


  • Selectable 4 megahertz or 1 megahertz clock speed
  • 128 kilobytes of user memory (RAM), expandable to more than 1 megabyte
  • 800-kilobyte disk drive (uses 3.5-inch disks)
  • Built-in color graphics
  • Built-in Applesoft BASIC programming language, plus an on-disk tutorial

General Information


  • Microprocessor: 65C02
  • Clock speed: 1 to 4 megahertz (user selectable)
  • Address bus: 16 bits
  • Address range: 65,536 bytes (64K)
  • Data bus: 8 bits
  • Registers (8-bit): accumulator, two index registers, stack pointer, and processor status register


  • 128K of RAM (random-access memory), optionally expand­able to 1.15 megabytes
  • 32K of ROM (read-only memory), containing:
    • System monitor
    • Applesoft BASIC interpreter
    • 80-column display firmware

Disk drive

  • Disk size: 3.5 inches
  • Capacity: 800 kilobytes
  • Recording surfaces: 2
  • Tracks per surface: 80
  • Blocks per disk: 1,600
  • Push button for motorized eject

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