Apple Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web

The Apple Internet Server Solution is the easiest and most affordable way to establish a presence on the World Wide Web (WWW). It’s the perfect solution for organizations in business, education, or publishing that want to make their information widely accessible on the Internet. And it’s a cost-effective choice for organizations that want to publish information for internal use in an electronic format so that all employees have easy access to it.

The Internet— and in particular the WWW— is rapidly gaining in popularity, offering individuals and organizations unparalleled opportunities to get their messages out to the world. The Apple Internet Server Solution is a “WWW server in a box”— an all-in-one solution that consists of a Workgroup Server and a CD-ROM that contains all of the software you need to establish a presence on the web.

You get WebSTAR server software; PageMill, a ground-breaking WYSIWYG Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) editor that makes it easy to create a web page; Netscape Navigator client software; RealAudio Server, a web based audio broadcasting system, and MacDNS domain name server software. You also get NetCloak, a powerful addition to your web server that lets you create dynamic web pages accessible by any browser and ServerStat to analyze WebSTAR’s traffic reports. In addition, the CD-ROM includes AppleSearch and AppleSearch CGI, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Image Maps and Electronic Mail Common Gateway Interfaces (CGIs), and customizable web pages and forms.

With MacDNS, multiple redundant Workgroup Servers can act as one web server to handle exceptionally high traffic as your site gains popularity. This scalability is quite cost effective because you can gradually add more power as you need it.

So if you’re looking to get noticed on the WWW affordably and easily, but with an eye toward future expansion, the Apple Internet Server Solution is the perfect choice.



  • Is the lowest-cost World Wide Web server available today

Ease of use

  • Includes all of the software tools you need to establish a presence on the web
  • Installs with a single click of the mouse
  • Gets you up and running in minutes
  • Comes with examples and templates to let you create interactive web pages quickly
  • Requires no knowledge of UNIX
  • Lets you create interactive web pages using Common Gateway Interfaces (CGIs) without complex C programming

Performance and scalability

  • Features the high-performance PowerPC processor
  • Includes an enhanced networking architecture to optimize your servers performance

Security and reliability

  • Is one of the most secure web servers available right out of the box
  • Requires no user-installed security patches
  • Recovers quickly and easily from power outages


  • Lets you create web pages that are accessible to Windows, UNIX, Apple MessagePad, and Mac OS clients

Product Details

Server Hardware Options

  • Workgroup Server 7250/120
  • Workgroup Server 8550/132

Bundled Apple Internet Server Solution Software


  • One button installs all of the included software and templates

WebSTAR from StarNine

  • Allows the Workgroup Server to serve information on the WWW
  • Comes with sample web pages that can be customized
  • Includes on-line documentation and support
  • Supports AppleScript scripting, so you can create web pages that interact with other applications that support AppleScript

Adobe PageMill

  • Makes creating web pages an easy, graphical process
  • Includes tools to create form based pages for collecting information from site visitors

MacDNS from Apple

  • Maps an IP address to a recognizable web server name (which enables web clients to find your server)
  • Tells other domain name servers your web server’s name when asked
  • Enables dynamic load balancing over multiple servers (with RAIC)

NetCloak from Maxum Development

  • Provides additional capabilities to HTML standards
  • Improves security, simplifies server development and maintenance, and controls the appearance of pages to individual clients

ServerStat from Kitchen Sink Software

  • Helps you manage your server efficiently by analysing WebSTAR’s traffic reports

RealAudio Server from Progressive Networks

  • Lets you enhance your web pages with high-quality sound

HyperCard from Apple

  • A popular software erector set that is easily customized to perform a variety of tasks, such as serving as a multimedia database
  • Includes HyperCard CGI

FileMaker from Claris

  • An easy-to-use, yet powerful flat-file database
  • Includes FileMaker Pro CGI

EveryWare Tango and Butler SQL

  • Powerful web database solutions
  • Includes solutions for on-line conferencing, catalogs, registration and classified ads

Netscape Navigator client

  • Allows you to preview your web pages before you post them

BBEdit from Bare Bones Software

  • A high performance text editor for advanced HTML coding

Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Creates and translates documents into portable document format (PDF), the cross platform internet document standard
  • Includes Adobe Acrobat Client software

Image Map software

  • Creates hotspots in GIF or PICT graphics to incorporate into web pages
  • Includes a CGI to serve the image map

Electronic Mail CGI

  • Gives email capability to web browsers that do not have it

Sample web pages

  • Offer templates of web pages that you can easily customize to suit your needs, including home pages, a catalog page, and forms


  • Lets you take advantage of the power of scripting with out requiring a knowledge of C programming
  • Includes useful scripting additions

AppleSearch 1.5

  • Enables you to index documents on local servers or in a database and search them by key words
  • Includes AppleSearch CGI, which extends AppleSearch text searching and retrieval functionality to web clients

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