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Apple Media Program

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Designed for content developers and the creative community, the Apple Media Program (AMP) offers a breadth of resources, information, and promotional opportunities to help keep new media developers up-to-date on Apple's offerings for authoring and playback -- and to help both interactive media content and media tool developers network with future clients.

Membership Benefits

Most AMP benefits and resources are delivered via the AMP Web site. The latest materials are delivered to AMP Members via quarterly CD-ROMs and the AMP Newsletter. AMP Members are also given access to a special Members Only area which, along with the CD-ROMs, provide members with the first access to the latest information, sometimes quite some time before the material is available in the public areas of the AMP site. In the case of larger demos and applications delivered via the CD-ROM, membership may provide the only access to these materials, since they are sometimes too large for delivery over the Web. In all cases, however, members get the first access to the latest additions to all the resources and benefits listed below.

Co-marketing Opportunities

Co-marketing opportunities for program members include a direct mail program, developer showcasing at trade shows, and the AMP Member Showcase -- an area on the AMP Web Site that provides information on member products and services as well as a link to their own Web site. One of our most popular co-marketing opportunities involves the placement of demos provided by AMP Members, and interactive media development tool manufacturers, on our quarterly CD ROM that gets mailed to thousand of developers and others in the media industry.

Market Research Reports

These market research reports analyze key decision factors for multimedia developers, important CD-ROM trends, and emerging new media market opportunities.

Multimedia Guidebooks

These include "how to" technical books, and information publications on interactive media technologies and the industry available for you to download from the AMP Web site or the quarterly CD.

Apple Multimedia Information Mailing

Members receive a starter kit which includes their access information to the Members Only area, Multimedia Demystified, from the Apple New Media Library series published by Random House, and other materials that focus on the needs of the new media community. Quarterly mailings will follow which include a newsletter and CD packed with information, demos, and resources to keep at your fingertips. Note: You can also receive the Apple Multimedia Information Mailing separately by ordering it through the Apple Developer Catalog.

Development Hardware Purchasing Privileges

All AMP members have the option to buy a designated number of Apple products at a discount to facilitate initial development.

Multimedia Events and Training Discounts

Program members are eligible for discounts on new media seminars, conferences, and other events. Discounts are also available for program members on multimedia training courses that are offered by third-party multimedia training providers.

Invitations to Special Networking Events

Program members receive invitations to special events held just for Apple Media Program members. Such events allow members to network with one another as well as with the new media community through panel presentations on specific interactive medIa topics. Increasingly, you will be interacting with other AMP members and nonmembers through forums on the AMP Web Site.

Seeding Opportunities

Software seeding opportunities are made available to Apple Media Program members on interactive media related products.

Third-Party Discounts

As a member of the Apple Media Program, you'll receive discounts on third-party software and hardware products.

Interactive Music Development Support

The Interactive Music development support is part of the Apple Media Program's member services. It is designed for musicians, record labels, and interactive media developers.

Apple Membership Programs Services

The Apple Media Program is one of many Apple membership programs. While all programs feature exclusive services of their own, they do have a variety of core services in common. Here are some of the services Apple program members are entitled to.

Third-party Compatibility Test Lab

Located in Cupertino, California, this lab is available by appointment. It provides access to a range of Apple equipment for compatibility testing. (Developers are required to share test data with Apple.)

Orientation Kit

New members receive an orientation kit specific to each program they have joined. The kit gives an introduction to the resources provided by the program on a regular basis.

Resource and Referral Assistance

Apple has a dedicated staff of representatives who can answer program-related questions, assist with program administrative issues and act as a referral service to other Apple departments.

Worldwide Developers Conference Invitation

This annual event is Apple's technical conference for developers across all Apple technologies. The conference provides a unique opportunity to meet fellow developers and hear details about Apple's business and technology directions. There is an additional fee to attend the conference.

Apple Developer Catalog

The Apple Developer Catalog is Apple's worldwide source for hundreds of development tools, technical resources, training products, and information for anyone interested in developing applications and solutions for Apple computer platforms. There is no membership fee required for this valuable resource.

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