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Apple Newton

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Newton MessagePad 2000

The Apple Newton product line consists of a few PDA style handheld models, plus the Apple eMate which is based on the Newton OS but in a laptop style form factor.

General Information



Why Newton?

It's simple. In designing Newton hardware and software solutions, engineers and developers concentrated on how people on the move work and how they could become more productive. As a result, Newton mobile computers and software applications are as diverse as the people who use them. And these people are performing their communications and information tasks more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and more easily thanks to Newton technology!

Individuals on the Go

The Newton operating system is deployed on mobile computing devices that give individuals access to whatever information they need from wherever they happen to be. In fact, data access tasks that can take days to turn around can now happen easily and instantly from anywhere. From remote locations, business professionals can access corporate intranets and the Internet for text files, price lists, customer records, and other proprietary data. Or simply drop an e-mail to a friend.

Without the bulk of a laptop, individuals enjoy a more personal, lighter, flexible, easy-to-use computing experience with the range of robust functionality they need. In particular, the MessagePad 2000 is the ideal Newton computer for mobile professionals. With core business applications built-in – such as word processing, e-mail, Internet/intranet access, wireless paging, note taking and more – it's easy to maximize time away from the office. The MessagePad 2000 also features a 160 MHz RISC processor, offering up to five times the performance of other handheld devices. And with a real, useable keyboard and battery life of 3-6 weeks, the MessagePad 2000 just works like no other handheld computer.

Because of the Newton platform's large base of third-party developers, a wide variety of connectivity and productivity solutions enable data to be exchanged with both Windows and MacOS-based computers. There's even a growing number of "extra-curricular" applications to complement the more serious business applications. Individuals might take a break from their day to track their exercise regime, play games, or be reminded that it's time to pay the bills.

In and Out of the Classroom

Newton technology has made it possible for students to learn wherever they go, and still be able to bring their thoughts, ideas and notes back to the classroom. When educators, students, and information specialists first focused on the unique challenges associated with a distributed learning environment and the way children work, they identified these keys to a successful experience:

  • Access to information
  • A forum for discussing and working with others
  • Materials that appeal to the senses
  • A simple, flexible way to carry around work

As a result, the Apple eMate 300 was designed to fulfill these requirements in a simple, affordable way. A logical extension to the technology investment schools have already made in the classroom, the eMate 300 provides every student with a cost-effective, durable personal computing tool to complement the desktop multimedia-capable computers already in place.

In addition to the built-in word processor, spreadsheet, drawing application, graphing calculator, address book, calendar and more, the eMate 300 can run software for teaching, learning, surfing the Internet, creating art, analyzing data and organizing information. Currently, educators are learning how to incorporate Newton technology into the classroom...even administering tests on an eMate 300 and having their students "beam" the answers back to the Infrared ports and infrared printers.

The Newton Solutions Guide describes applications designed specifically for Newton devices to aid educators and students – from tracking student progress to collecting and analyzing scientific data.

And for parents interested in complementing the school's curriculum at home, the eMate 300 is an ideal solution, especially as a second computer to the family PC. The eMate 300 also runs the hundreds of business, productivity, communications, game, utility, and lifestyle programs already created for other Newton devices.