Apple Newton MessagePad 100



The Newton MessagePad 100 personal digital assistant is the affordable member of the Newton family. And while it looks like the original Newton MessagePad, it has important new features that make it more powerful and more useful. These features mean that the Newton MessagePad 100 can help you manage information; stay in touch via fax, e-mail, and paging; and exchange information with your computer.

It can help you stay in touch — and communicate — more effectively. You can send faxes and receive pages and messages. Tap into on-line services or electronic mail. Even exchange business cards via built-in infrared technology. It can help you share and synchronize information with your Windows-based or Macintosh computer. It can help you organize ideas. Take notes. Make sketches. Format and print letters. And you can expand its capabilities with new software titles that help you keep track of your time, find your way around unfamiliar cities, and even deliver better-organized speeches.

The Newton MessagePad 100 has powerful handwriting-recognition capabilities — for both printed and cursive writing. So it can transform your handwriting into text letter by letter or word by word. It can also leave your notes handwritten should you wish to defer recognition until later. And as time goes by, it learns about you, your handwriting, and the way you work, helping you get more done. It comes with a built-in notepad, to-do list, datebook, and name file to get you started. And when combined with software titles offering new capabilities, the Newton MessagePad — your communications assistant with all the right connections — is likely to become your most treasured possession.


Newton Hardware Architecture

  • ARM 610 processor at 20 MHz
  • Apple custom system ASIC
  • Low-power, reflective LCD display (336 by 240 pixels)
  • Transparent tablet with passive pen
  • 4MB of ROM
  • 640K of RAM
  • One PCMCIA Type II card slot
  • LocalTalk compatible serial port
  • Low-power, half-duplex, infrared transceiver works at up to 38.4 kbps within 3.28 feet (1 meter)

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