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Apple Newton MessagePad 130

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The MessagePad 130 is the first Apple MessagePad to offer user controllable back lighting for on-demand use and a new durable, nonglare screen for viewing and entering information in any lighting condition.

Based on the award winning Newton 2.0 operating system, the MessagePad 130 enhances mobile productivity by allowing customers to organize important information, integrate this information with both Windows- and Mac OS-based personal computers and communicate with others via fax, email, beaming (infrared) and wireless paging. In addition, with the new backlit screen, critical information can be accessed in almost any working environment.

The MessagePad 130 is targeted towards both mobile professionals as a high-end solution and towards the specialized vertical markets as an entry level product where product ruggedization is not a key requirement. Mobile professionals include corporate executives, small business owners, consultants and sales/marketing professionals who perform a significant amount of their work away from the office. Vertical market usages where the backlit screen would be of benefit include the health care, field services, sales force automation and transportation industries where nighttime or darkened working conditions are common.

MessagePad 130 Features

Key features in the MessagePad 130 include: New transflective LCD with EL backlight for on-demand use in any lighting condition. Non-glare more durable writing surface for easier viewing and a more robust mobile forms/data capture tool. 512K additional system memory for better performance with new Internet solutions and improved multi-tasking. 8MB ROM, 2.5MB RAM (1,361K nonvolatile user RAM).

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