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Apple Newton MessagePad 2100

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Now with the Apple MessagePad 2100 handheld computer, you no longer have to carry a heavy laptop around to keep up with your e-mail or pull information from your corporate web site. That’s because this small wonder weighs under a pound and a half, yet puts the core business applications you need — e-mail client, web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, date book, contacts, and to-do lists — at your fingertips when you’re away from your desk. Its 4 megabytes of Flash memory allow you to store more names and data, create more documents, crunch more numbers, receive more e-mail, and add more applications. You can also expand the Flash memory using optional PC Cards.

And now, with its 4 megabytes of system memory, the MessagePad 2100 provides better performance when using communications and Internet solutions, including multi-tasking. Slip a modem into one of its two PC Card slots, and you can send and receive e-mail and faxes, and connect to the Internet or an intranet. You can even pair the MessagePad 2100 with your cellular phone or wire-less modem, and connect from virtually anywhere.


Newton Recognition Architecture

  • Recognizes handwriting — printed, cursive, or a mixture of the two — with the assistance of a 93,000-word, built-in word list
  • Lets you add words to the built-in word list
  • Includes four pop-up keyboards: typewriter, numeric, phone, and time/date
  • Recognizes graphics and symmetrical objects

Newton Hardware Architecture

  • StrongARM SA-110 RISC processor at 162 MHz
  • Newton custom system chip set–ASIC
  • 8MB of RAM (4MB of DRAM, 4MB of Flash RAM)
  • 8MB of mask ROM
  • Low-power, transflective 4.9-in. by 3.3-in. (129.8-mmby 83.2-mm) liquid crystal display (480 by 320 pixels at 100 dpi, with 16-level gray scale and EL backlight)
  • Nonglare resistive tablet and full-size pen
  • Two Type II PC Card slots (3 V and 5 V cards)
  • Newton InterConnect external port supporting serial connections or LocalTalk, serial modem interface, power in and out, audio in and out (line level), autodock (requires Newton Serial Adapter)
  • One internal serial slot supporting serial connections or LocalTalk, serial modem interface, serial keyboard (option), power in and out, audio in and out (line level)
  • Dual-mode infrared transceiver for wireless data transfer at up to 115 Kbits/s (IrDA mode) and 38.4 Kbits/s (ASK mode) within 3.28 ft. (1 m)
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in microphone
  • Fast charge for optional Newton Rechargeable Battery Pack that charges in 1 hour when in sleep mode
  • Optional external Newton 9W Power Adapter for unit operation or fast charging of Newton Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
  • Protective removable screen lid
  • Integral pen storage


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