Apple PhotoFlash

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PhotoFlash is a graphics manipulation software distributed by Apple Computer. The software was created by a company called AXS in Berkeley, CA. It was adapted from their ImageAXS software which was the first image database software that created thumbnails and searchable tags for images.

With PhotoFlash 2.0 software, you can quickly and easily catalog and enhance digital photos, then place them into documents for high-impact results.

  • Catalog windows. Makes it easy to organize and find photos -- as well as to place them quickly -- by examining or searching on thumbnails (small previews) of images that have been saved in industry-standard file formats. Drag and Drop capability lets you easily move images into applications such as Aldus PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Aldus Persuasion, Microsoft Word, and Claris FileMaker Pro.
  • Editing tools. Provides optimized tools to enhance images immediately, with advanced options for finer control. You can adjust the color or brightness and contrast of photos, remove scratches and dust from pictures; straighten scans; and quickly sharpen, blur, resize, rotate, and crop images.
  • Scripting capabilities. Supports AppleScript scripting, to let you automate repetitive tasks -- such as creating contact sheets and performing file-format conversions -- and automatically place photos into documents created with popular applications.

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